Jul 07, 2007

Save the Date! Event Planning
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I wasn't planning on hiring a DOC but now I'm so glad that I did. Brigitte would correspond with me through email to see where I was in terms of planning. She was able to meet with me and my vendors the week prior to the wedding. She was also available for phone meetings days leading up to the wedding. On the day of, she worried about everything. She called me the morning of to make sure that the flowers were there on time. She made sure everything was set up to my specifications with the aid of the staff at the reception site. She made sure I was moving along with the timeline . There were several things that went wrong but she took care of them. My florist was late on returning to pick up the chair covers and Brigitte just rolled up her sleeves and started to take off the chair covers herself.
Services used: Wedding Planning

On Bended Knee Films
( 4.0 / 5.0 )
jeremy was such a pleasure to work with throughout the planning process. he was excellent at returning my emails rather quickly. he was very accommodating in terms of trying to create package that fit into our budget. on the day of, jeremy arrived on time at the ceremony site. after the incident with the microphone which resulted in a blocked view for jeremy, he went out of his way and actually had our priest get re-dressed in his garb after the ceremony to reenact our vows, which cut into our picture time. you could tell that jeremy felt bad and worked extremely hard to generically capture what was missed during our ceremony. in hindsight, i should have just told him not to worry about it and that it was beyond his control. during the reception, jeremy did pull us aside just to do a few things for the video. so he's a more hands on and less of a "behind the scenes" type of videographer. we liked out final video. there were a few things that we wanted to change, namely the choice of music for the reception (entirely our fault since we chose a song that later we felt was too fast paced), cutting out our vows (we cringe when we hear our own voices), and correct the harsh lighting on some of the images. Unfortunately we waited 3 weeks after receiving the final product before letting jeremy know our concerns that he had already removed our file from his system. in the end, we still like our video and if we voiced our concerns earlier jeremy would have been able to make the changes we requested. of note, jeremy wrote a letter with the final video letting us know that he wanted to hear our comments and concerns and also followed up with an email stating that he was worried since he hadn't heard from us. also i would also like to say a few things that i liked about the video. he captured all the key moments, got our friends and family to participate in the testimonials which ended up to be our absolute favorite aspect of the video. jeremy also included 2 cameras during our ceremony which he incorporated in our final video and also included a vhs video coverage of our secret elopement in our final video without additional charge. also, jeremy provided a screen for our slideshow and helped set it up without a hitch. :) again, i would like to reiterate that we totally lagged on responding to jeremy, and if we had done so sooner he would have been able to do the changes we requested. we loved working with Jeremy and our only regrets was not responding to him sooner after we had received our final video. we would still recommend him to other brides.
Services used: Videography