May 16, 2009

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Sarah Rhoads is an unbelievable photographer, artist, and visionary. She was so kind throughout the entire wedding ceremony and reception and exhibited an extraordinary attention to detail throughout every photo shoot. Her ability to make a group laugh and smile made every picture we took relaxed, authentic, and fun. It was a blast working with Sarah and her husband Chris Rhoads who also did a phenomenal job of help covering all the bases. Sarah and Chris's tremendous ability to work together as a team made the entire day move with ease. In addition, their ample experience in the wedding business made them highly knowledgeable about what does and does not work best at weddings. Their planning beforehand and quick decisiveness made them an excellent photo companion to such a special day. 5 words: Picture Perfect in Every Way!
Services used: Photography