Dec 18, 2010

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wedding countdown

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I have finally fell in love. I changed my colors so many times. But I am sure now. This is it (said crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes) :)







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With less than 50 days to go we changed our date. There were so many things going wrong and we figured the date doesn't really matter........... Our new date is December 18th. I'm really happy and it gives me more time to plan (which I realized I really need). So thats my new news :) I am now looking for a date twin..............

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I am no where in planning.

I have lots of great ideas and thousands of pictures of things that I like.

I have at least 10 perspective venues that I could go for.

I have a list of guest, no where near being final.

I can't decide if I want small close friends and family or if I want to go all out and PARTY.

My FH just dropped a bombshell on me, he'd rather spend our wedding money on a house.

I wonder if I should just give up. Who needs a wedding anyway??????



I am coming up with a Masterplan... will keep you all updated.

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Hello All!

I have no idea what to write here.

We have a basic love story.

Boy met Girl

Boy liked Girl

Girl like Boy

Boy wants to marry Girl

Girl said yes................


And so the story goes!!