Nov 07, 2009

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We are going for an elegant "love bird" theme, with a dash of tropical delight.  The following is my inspiration.  The main color is Tiffany blue, follwed by black, and white.

 The Theme photo 1The Theme photo 2

The Theme photo 3The Theme photo 4

On the Big Day...

The Theme photo 5The Theme photo 6

The Theme photo 7The Theme photo 8



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Reception Location is Memory Gardens: This is a great semi-outdoor location. It is owned by California State Parks and located right on Fisherman's Wharf with a beautiful scenery. The gardens are full of flowers and greenery. It has a large fountain in the center with four cypress trees around it. The trees have lights strung in them year-round and accent lights around all the stone walls. It's truly a charming location.


The Reception photo 1


The Big Day...

The Reception photo 2The Reception photo 3

The Reception photo 4The Reception photo 5

The Reception photo 6The Reception photo 7

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Jessica Courrier of Anthropology Images::

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The Ceremony with be on the southern most beach in Carmel, Ca. Ahhh...the sunset is so beautiful.

The Ceremony photo 1


My future father in-law is gonna make this altar for our ceremony.  He is so excited to help out...

The Ceremony photo 2



The Big Day...

The Ceremony photo 3The Ceremony photo 4The Ceremony photo 5

The Ceremony photo 6The Ceremony photo 7

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Since I have so many friends scattered all over this country, we are having two bridal showers.  One in Arizona and the other one here at a Museum in Bakersfield.  Most of my fiance's family lives in Bakersfield and mine in AZ.  Sooo...after having talked with my MOH we came up with a fun theme for the one in Bakersfield.....The Mad Hatter Tea Party!  I simply love the idea and found photos on Project Wedding and other websites!

I tried to make our own invitations...I think they are cute, but I know I can do better!

The Bridal Showers photo 1

The big bridal shower will be in Bakersfield at the Guild House.  All proceeds will go towards helping children with emotional problems...great cause! The menu will be seasonal fruit, quiche lorraine, gourmet potatoes, variety of breads, salads, tea & coffee..

The Bridal Showers photo 2

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It's only been a month and I have book nearly all of my vendors.  Well at least all the major ones.  Wow, time flies when you are constantly moving!  Who says you can't plan a wedding in a month!?

Wedding Consultant: Ellie Parker of Calvary Chapel

Officiant: Pastor Nate of Calvary Chapel

Caterer: Lalla Grill

1415 Del Monte Ctr ·Monterey, Ca (831) 324-4632

Photographer:  Jess Currier Velarde

Videographer: White Rose Productions

Ceremony Musician: Mark Banks of Strings

380 Foam Street Monterey, Ca (831) 655-5678

Reception DJ: July Barredo

Please request contact information

Florist: Flor de Monterey

Mrs. Vena!

Baker: Layers Cake

Rentals & Supplies: Celebrations Party Rentals

Transportation : Enterprise, Mr. Aguilar

1191 Echo Av, Seaside, CA

Limosine: Your Maitre D, Micheal

Invitations: Larissa 

Favors: Lula's Chocolates




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Wishin and Hopin and Prayin photo 1

My fiance and I met two years ago in Arizona during a training event.  We quickly grew very close and talked over the following few months.  Within a few months we got hired for the same job and moved to the same city together.  Throughout the following months we fell deeply in love.  Once we ended our contract after a year and a half, he proposed to me May 23rd, 2009 right after a Sky dive in Las Vegas!  We decided the most optimal date for our wedding would be November 7th, 2009, leaving me only five months to plan the wedding of our dreams!

Soooo...Please let me know if you have any suggestions.  We are getting married on the beach in Carmel and our reception will be at the Memory Gardens in Monterey, Ca.