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2012 Brides GROUP photo 1

Hello ladies,

I am the proud new owner of this group.

2012 Brides, this is your special place to share ideas, dreams, plans and every I Do detail of your upcoming wedding!

I know that 2012 may seem very far off, and you might be worried that you are jumping the gun a little, planning so too. BUT you are not. And this is a great community for brides of the future. Let's share ideas, thoughts, vents, problems, happiness and everything in between.

Hope to see you here!


P.S.  I’ve linked the group through the name, and I’ve also linked the source for the picture through the image.

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Thank you Budoh for making this available. I credit Budoh for this great idea and comprehensive explaination.

Because we couldn't squeeze our budget to include the $1500+ price tag for the photo booth, we came up with a homemade version.

Concept: I wanted to jazz up the Polaroid Sign In Book idea by combining it with Photo Bar concept (similar to our High School Prom Picture Station).


  • Digital Camera with 2 large memory capacity stick and USB Cable (or use 2 digital cameras) - We used Sony Cybershot with 2 memory sticks.
  • Laptop to download pictures to keep the photos organized and Digital Camera free from memory overload. - We used iPhoto in MacBook, but you can use any photo processing program that comes with your laptop. 
  • Photo Printer including the program disc & necessary USB/printer cables - We used 2 printers: Epson PictureMate & HP Photosmart C6380 just to maximize printing time - don't go out and buy one, just ask your family & friends.  Make sure you dowload the program & test it prior to the day of the wedding.
  • Plain Backdrop - We used PVC Piping for the frame and Red Curtains from my fav store Target!
  • Lighting in case the venue will dim the lights for the reception - We luckily had a separate dimmer switch to keep the area illuminated enough for photos.
  • Photo Printing Supplies (ink cartridge & photo paper)
  • Scrapbooking Supplies (Album, Acid Free Paper, Acid Free Glue, Colorful Pens, and any Scrapbook Embellishment)
  • Props - fun hats & accessories to make the picture more fun - We had a pirate hat, patch, and sword, Mickey Ears, Red Clown Nose, Gladiator Hat, Viking Helmet with Horns, Straw Hats, Silly Glasses/Nose/Moustache, Plastic Ball & Chain, Boas, and Physician's cap and stethoscope. 

Photo Booth Attendants

  • Designated Photographer - We had my Brother's Friend/Family Friend
  • Designated Photo Processors - We had my brother who could manage multiple computer equipment.
  • Depending on the total number of guests, you might want designate another person to be in charge of helping guests in/out of props, and possibly another person to assista guest in completing their yearbook pag.  - We had as my brother's GF and her GF/Family Friend who kept the process organized and assisted the guests whenever necessary. 


  • Find a location far enough from the main stage to prevent any competition between 2 activities yet large enough for all the equipment (a backdrop, small table for the props, and at least 6' rectangle table). - We stationed our Photo Booth adjacent to the entry way, using 40" round for the props, and 30"x8' for the Processing Station.
  •    HomeMade Photo Booth photo 1
  • At the end of the night, the Processing Station looks a little cluttered, but it was a fav hang out for the guests when they needed a break from the dance floor.

        Photo Booth Pictures   HomeMade Photo Booth photo 2

  • If the designated area has a plain background, you may not need to have a backdrop.
  • The designated person will encourage the guest to select props for their fun photos.
  • The designated photographer will take at least 2 poses or as many pics as the guests desire.  Of course, if there is a line, manage accordingly.
  • After the photos are taken, encourage the guest to either decorate the yearbook page leaving a space blank for the photo(s) or return back in about 5-10 minutes to design their very own yearbook page with the finish photo.  My brilliant brother and his gorgeous GF made a silly yearbook page which they used as a sample for all the guests. 
  • HomeMade Photo Booth photo 3    Photo Booth Pictures
  • We provided 2 prints/pose: 1 copy for the yearbook page and the second as a gift for the guests to take home as a memento.  Here are some of the actual yearbook pages:
  • HomeMade Photo Booth photo 4 HomeMade Photo Booth photo 5

Overall, the photo booth was a huge hit!!  All the youngin' enjoyed it...   It was truly a priceless moment for me when our well mannered elders joined in all the fun (MIL is 2nd to the right wearing the viking helmet with the horns).

Budoh Budoh 

Thank Goodness, my SIL is as silly as I am; otherwise, she would kill me for posting this pic ;)
Photo Booth Pictures

We had to join in the fun... My fav pic with DH titled "Our New Life Together..." :)

Budoh's Reception Pics

Things I would change:

  • To place the printer in a more discreet place to make the processing look more streamline.
  • Make the Backdrop wider (maybe 3 panels of red curtain instead of 2).
  • Instead of White Yearbook Pages, I would have used Black Archival Pages with Silver Pen.
  • Include more props: Crowns, Ornate Masquerade Mask, Chef's Hat with large wooden spoon and/or whisk, Stuffed Animal for kids, Apron, boxing gloves, Mistletoe ball, Santa Hats/Reindeer Antlers, Veil & Tuxedo Tie, and extra ball and chain (mine broke after couple of hours).
  • More Scrapbook embellishment to give guests more creative options.
  • Make sure the team takes a break to eat and play.  Some took the job so seriously that they did not get a chance to eat :(

Cost Brekdown:

  • Digital Camera - Free Bride's Camera
  • Laptop - Free  Brother's GF's new MacBook
  • Photo Printer - Free Bride brought the PictureMate while her brother brought his HP printer.
  • Plain Backdrop - PVC at Home Depot $20  2 panel Red Silk Curtain from Target - on Sale $30
  • Lighting - Free DH had a pseudo "photographer's light"
  • Photo Printing Supplies- $40 for 2 cartridge & 200 4x6 photo paper for PictureMate Printer (from ebay - yeah!) & $30 for HP printer cartridge
  • Scrapbooking Supplies (Album, Acid Free Paper, Acid Free Glue, Colorful Pens, and any Scrapbook Embellishment) - Everything purchased with 40-50% off coupons from Michael's & AC Moore $25
  • Props - purchased at Party City $50
  • Total Expense = $195  Total Savings: $1,305 (Gotta Love it!)

Here were some website I got my inspiration:

For more those who have photographic or carpentry skills, here are more interesting sites:

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions!

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Favours Boxes

Destination Wedding CAKE BOXES

We have a ludicrous amount of ideas for our favours and boxes and now we’re making a short list to keep track. Believe it or not, these boxes are for our cake slices.  Traditional Jamaican wedding cakes are slice at 2" by 1" measurements. Litterally just a bite.


1.       Star Boxes
Favour Boxes photo 1

2.      Petal Boxes
Favour Boxes photo 2

3.      Cone Boxes
Favour Boxes photo 3

4.     Charming Victorian Filigree Box
Favour Boxes photo 4

5.      Chair Favour Boxes
Favour Boxes photo 5


    Chair Favour Boxes (take 2)
Favour Boxes photo 6


Chair Favour Boxes (take 3)

Favour Boxes photo 7


6. Wedding Cake Favour Box

Favour Boxes photo 8




At Home Wedding (AHR) FAVOUR/Food Gift BOXES

 7. Gift Boxes  (AHR guest favour boxes)****

Favour Boxes photo 9

Take 2

Favour Boxes photo 10



8.     Clear Lid Boxes (These boxes are to be used for the AHR guest favours)****
Favour Boxes photo 11
Clear Lid Boxes (take 2)
Favour Boxes photo 12

Clear Lid Boxes (take 3)

Favour Boxes photo 13



Clear Lid Boxes (take 4)

Favour Boxes photo 14



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Hey everyone, I found this on Style Me Pretty.  Absolutely great idea for other rustic brides.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I am so excited about this week’s posts, as I have finally collected all of your DIY projects, have chosen my favorites to go up on the blog and now we can start the show! If yours didn’t make it up, don’t worry…we will be saving all of them for our next DIY contest.

So, let’s get right to it! I wanted to start the contest with one of my personal favs…these adorable table numbers housed in glass hurricane vases and adorned with the cutest, rustic touches!

 DIY Table Numbers Idea photo 1


Glass Apothecary and Bell Jars (one for each table – for the bell jars I also purchased metal plates to go under them)
Floral Foam
River Rocks
Bamboo skewers
Gold (or silver) address numbers
Black Spray Paint
Hot glue gun and glue
Additional Adornments (ex. Feather butterflies, old keys, peacock feathers)


1. Hot glue a bamboo skewer to the back of each address number. Wait until dry.
2. Spray paint numbers and skewers black. Wait until dry. Apply second coat if necessary.
3. Use sandpaper to “antique” the numbers, allowing some of the metal to show through.
4. Cut a piece of floral foam small enough that it will fit in the apothecary jar of choice with a 1
clearance when placing in the opening of the jar.
5. Use the hot glue gun to attach river rocks to cover the foam on the sides and part of the top.
6. Use the hot glue gun to fill in the cracks between the river rocks with moss.
7. Cover the top of the foam with moss.
8. Place a small bed of moss in the bottom of the jar. This moss will cover the bottom of the foam so that it is not visible from beneath.
9. Place the rock and moss covered foam in the bottom of the jar.
10. Cut the bamboo skewer attached to the address number to the proper height and insert into the floral foam through the moss on top.
11. Attach an additional adornment (such as a feather butterfly) to the base.
12. If desired, on the day of the wedding (or using silk), place a stem of orchids into the floral foam adjacent to the number.

We are posting DIY projects throughout the day for the next five days, so make sure to check back often!

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Strawberry Hill


Rustic Girl Inspiration 1


Inspiration Idea in Pictures photo 1


Inspiration Idea in Pictures photo 2


Candle Light Weddings

Inspiration Idea in Pictures photo 3


Rustic Weddings 1

Inspiration Idea in Pictures photo 4