Mar 13, 2010

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The Girls

Maid of Honor Caitlyn

The Bridal Party photo 1

Caitlyn is FI's sister and one of my best friends. I have known her ever since she was in elementary school. She used to make me cards and draw me pictures everytime I came over. She was in the same Christian school as me and FI so she used to come up to my class and leave me little handmade gifts on my desk :). Now she is all grown up and leaving for college soon. 

Bridesmaid Amy

The Bridal Party photo 2

Amy has been one of my best friends since 5th grade. We went to seperate middle schools and high schools but we never lost touch. She actually got engaged about 3 months after me and I am going to be her MOH :)

Bridesmaid Jessie

The Bridal Party photo 3

Jessie has been another one of my best friends since pre school. We were practically inseperable throughout our entire childhood. 

The Boys

Best Man Ryan

The Bridal Party photo 4

Ryan has been a great friend of both FI and I's since the beginning of high school. When it came time for FI to choose his men he immediately knew Ryan would be the best man.

Groomsmen Robbie

Robbie is Stevens cousin. They have been joined at the hip ever since they were born. 

Groomsmen Will

The Bridal Party photo 5

Will is my friend Amy's FI. We had actually only know Will for about a month before FI decided to ask him to be his groomsmen. We all became quick friends and now FI will be his best man at their wedding :)

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Our one year anniversary was today. It was such a perfect day. We got up early and headed to the Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Garden. It was a nice breezy day, making it perfect for walking around a garden. The sculptures and scenery were breath taking.

One Year Anniversary photo 1

One Year Anniversary photo 2One Year Anniversary photo 3

After the museum we walked around Park Avenue and visited all the little shops, We even bought some tea leaves at the Tea Shop. After that we went to dinner and then home to eat the top tier of our cake we had saved.

One Year Anniversary photo 4

One Year Anniversary photo 5

We had completely forgotten what flavors we had picked for the top tier, it ended up beign chocolate with pineapple filling. It tasted just as yummy as it did on our wedding day.


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We actually didn't plan to go on a honeymoon. After all the money we had spent for the wedding there just wasn't anything left to go on a honeymoon. But we had really wanted to go to Disney for our HM. After all the hard work we had done for a year and a half to plan for the wedding it would just be fun to go be silly together. 2 days before our Wedding FI's grandmother told us that she had goten us both four day tickets to disney as our wedding gift from her, we were so shocked and overwhelmed that she would do that for us! We thanked her a million times and gave her a million hugs.

The first day we went to the Magic Kingdom. Neither one of us had been to Disney since we were toddlers so it was a whole new experience for us. When we got there we told them we were on our honeymoon and they gave us three different buttons to wear. Everytime someone at Disney saw our button they woudl congradulate us and we eve got a free cookie and free fozen lemonade.The castle was absolutely beautiful!

Disney Honeymoon photo 1

We went on every ride at the Magic Kingdom and ended the night watching the parade and looking at the beautiful castle all lit up.

Disney Honeymoon photo 2Disney Honeymoon photo 3

Disney Honeymoon photo 4

The second day we went to Hollywood studios. I ended up chickening out of the rockin roller coster... but we did watch the beauty and the beast play. We ended up leaving early and walking around downtown disney for a few hours. Afterwards we went to unos and got some desert and margaritas.

Disney Honeymoon photo 5

The third day we went to the Animal Kingdom and sicne I had chickend out on the rockin roller coaster I promised I would ride the yeti coaster....omg that was beyond scary since half way through the coaster starts to go backwards! We started by going to the bugs life show and then we went on the wild safari ride.

Disney Honeymoon photo 6

Disney Honeymoon photo 7

Disney Honeymoon photo 8

Disney Honeymoon photo 9

The last day we went to Epcot. We rode everythign at Epcot and then just spent the rest of the day walkign around to all the different countrys and gettign something to eat from each. We had a great time and it was nice to just get away and have fun for a change.


The hotel was really nice as well. I wasn't too fond of the sleep number beds though..

Disney Honeymoon photo 11

Disney Honeymoon photo 12




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It has been a while since I have been on here but I just had to share the details of my best friends gorgeous wedding I had the honor of being in back in November. My husband and I were the best man and matron of honor.

My Best Friends Gorgeous Wedding photo 1

My Best Friends Gorgeous Wedding photo 2

My Best Friends Gorgeous Wedding photo 3

My Best Friends Gorgeous Wedding photo 4 Her cake was AMAZING!

My Best Friends Gorgeous Wedding photo 5

And me in my gorgeous dress and gloves.

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We meet when we were in 9th grade. It was my first time in a new school and my first time in a Christian school that required uniforms. Our seats were all in a row divided by dividers and my seat was right next to his. I thought he was the most annoying boy ever, he would sit there and toss paper and notes to his friends desk on the other side of mine. So all day I would see paper flying over my head. One day one of his notes landed on my desk and I decided to write him. We started writing each other like 30x a day and instantly became good friends. It wasn't long before we started to date and even though I liked him very much I just couldn't deal with his strict father and the fact that we could NEVER see each other. I ended up breaking his heart and ended up getting into a horrible relationship. He stayed by me the entire 3 years I was in this relationship. He would always be there for me when thigns went wrong and he would always tell me how much he cared about me and could treat me way better then my then bf could ever. After a long hard break up I was finally free of the horrible relationship and the only thing I wanted was him. Problem was he had a girlfriend, so I waited and waited and the entire time we still hung out almost every week. And then finally he broke it off and came over the very next day and kissed me. That was it, we have been together ever since. It has been 6 years now and our love grows stronger each day.

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This is for her dads table. He passed away 2 years ago from cancer :(. She is going to have a table just for her dad with a mermorial candle, a bonzai tree, and these lyrics she printed out, burned the edges, and framed.

All the Small Details photo 1


This is her garter I ordered for her from GarterLady on Etsy.

All the Small Details photo 2

She has been wanting a purple and black flower basket and pillow for a while now so I decided since money was tight that I would make one for her. Now I just have to wait until next weekend to give it to her at her shower. I hope she likes it :) I might even start to make more of these and sell them on Etsy.