Oct 24, 2009

{ Susie Chhuor Studios } Your Beauty Dream Team
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
About two months before our wedding, I decided I needed to get my Makeup and hair done by people who could come to me rather than me stressing about getting from a Korea town salon back to our wedding venue in time. Something you brides to be may want to consider. My second concern was finding a Makeup artist who was familiar with eye Makeup for Asian girls with no double-eyelids. With those two factors in mind - - Susie Chhuor and her staff not only met my needs, they went beyond my expectations as well. The trial was a fun experience. I think I was a fairly laid back bride to be so I didn't really have any thoughts for hair & make up. Trust was key element in my experience. Susie is hip, fun and professional. But more importantly, her staff Makeup artist - SUNNY is fantastic! For the day of - - Sunny arrived with an assistant, Vanessa. My friend of honor and mother are also not so picky, so things went very smoothly. Sunny & Vanessa were professional, calm and got the job done. The price point is excellent for the services they provide. I say, "Book them!" You won't regret it and don't forget to tip well. These ladies work hard.
Services used: Beauty & Health

images by min
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
If I could give this vendor 6 stars, I would! Richard Min was not only our wedding photographer, he was our counselor, our confidant and just an all around good guy. You don't meet people like Richard these days - - if you have the opportunity to meet him, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Selecting a wedding photographer is a big ordeal, however - when we met Richard, we knew immediately that he was "the one." His prices are reasonable, his sample work was gorgeous and not cookie cutter-ish. You find a lot of photographers in K-town have the requisite engagement photos (boy & girl wearing white shirts and blue jeans walking on the sandy beaches, boy & girl on 3rd street promenade acting like Calvin Klein Models. . . . .BORING!) Richard Min has vision and he executes it perfectly! He makes clients feel VERY COMFORTABLE. This allowed us to be goofy and ourselves in our photos. He was able to capture us as we are and not in poses that don't represent our personalities. His excitement and enthusiasm for us was genuine. We hope to spread the word about this wonderful photographer. If you're looking for an excellent photographer - look no more! Make an appointment to meet Richard Min - you won't regret it! You need someone who will capture your special moments because you won't be able to see them for yourself, so he will be your eyes on your special day!
Services used: Photography

Simply Natural Events
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Simply Natural Events saved my sanity and stopped me from being a bridezilla! Annette was our coordinator, she was sweet, understanding, patient, professional and most importantly reliable. I definitely felt like she had our best interest in mind and was genuinely sincere about making sure everything would go as smoothly as possible on our wedding day. I don't know what type of bride or groom you plan on being, but sometimes the darkest sides of your personality come out in the planning process. With Annette around, she kept us both in check. Allowed us to express our likes and dislikes without imposing her own opinion of how things "should be." Instead, she was very open minded and offered her suggestions and advice. The whole wedding vendor + wedding couple relationship is very intense. There's a lot of going back & forth for a handful of weeks sometimes months, you want vendors who are pleasant to work with and you know you're spending money on something that's worthwhile and will take some stress out of a very stressful event. There is no doubt in my mind, reader - that if you are looking for a coordinator, you need help to pull off your very special event - - look no further, Simply Natural Events will play a large role in helping you achieve your goal. Sometimes is does take a village, and sometimes it just takes Simply Natural Events.
Services used: Wedding Planning