Dec 11, 2010

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centerpiece inspiration photo 1

I love the base in this picture. I hope a light blue and brown ribbon would as good.

centerpiece inspiration photo 2

  centerpiece inspiration photo 1


Below are my depressing mock ups of my centerpiece. I initially wanted a big ball of flowers and hanging crystals. So the first picture is of a tall centerpiece about 16 inches tall with 5 stems of white hydrangeas and half a dozen of pink freedom roses. After much debate I have decided to use manzanita branches instead. So the second picture is of the manzanita branches. At first I only wanted to use manzanita branches for the church ceremony but after my dad offered to help make the box/vases I changed my mind. My dad was soo excited to be able to help with the containers that I decided to let him make all 40 containers for our centerpieces. The mock was not painted but was covered in satin cloth and the hanging crystals were acrylic not glass. All the flowers/orchids on the manananita centerpiece are silk. Our actual centerpiece will be painted a light blue for the container and we will be using real glass crystals and flowers. I am also debating if I want to use phalaenopsis orchids vs cymbidium orchids. As of right now, I'm hoping to get white orchids.



My dad and father in law did a wonderful job on our centerpieces. Without them, I would have spent at least $45 on each centerpiece. I was quoted way more by local florists. My dad converted his truck so that we could transport all 40 centerpieces safely to my venue.








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I've recently started looking into escort tables and have fallen in love with manzanita branches with orchids on them.


escort table photo 1  escort table photo 2

                                                         Our escort flowers:



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It was a journey for my FI to pick his GM. It took him pretty much over 1.75 years to pick them out (our engagment was almost 2 years). With less then 60 days away from our wedding, FI finally decided on his GM. 

Just for the record.. Kudoos to me for being so patient with him. If it was another bride, she would probably have given her fi capital punishment by now. :P

Well back to the GM's story. After much debate and driving around to the men's warehouse, friars tux, hollywood outlet, JCP, Kohls, and every place you can imagine to look for suits to either rent or purchase, we have decided to just purchase a nicer suit for the GM as a gift. We figured that if we were going to rent a tux for them and had to buy them a gift, why not just combine those two and get them a nicer suit that they can reuse again.

Here are the reviews for each place that we explored.

a. hollywood suit outlet: good styles, large selection of common suits/tux, and wonderful prices (3 suits with everything for $300). Cons- cheap quality fabric. :(

b. some random store in LA near hollywood suit outlet: same review as Hollywood suit outlet.

c. friars tux- (rental only). We got a good deal at a bridal exp for $60 for the tux rental with shoes, no tax, no this and no that with a few free things. The price was great but when we actually saw the suits/tuxs .. they weren't. :( I wanted a two button tux with a notch lapel and in either black or gray. They had none in that selection under $100 a set for rent.

d. Men's warehouse- (rental only) We also got a deal on the same day as friars tux at the same bridal expo. Rentals start at about $80 with shoes. They also didn't really have a great selection of suits for the cheaper price. We came across the same problem as Friars tux... all the suits that "I" wanted were over $100 to rent. :(

e. Kohls- NOTHING. :'( maybe for my dad... but not GM.

f. JCP- They had a great selection of men's suits that I like. Prices were comparable to renting suits. We used the $15 off $75 coupon for the suit/jacket and combined two pants together to use the $10 off $50 coupon. we spent about $100 per a GM's suit and they get to keep their suit. I searched the internet for better deals online for giftcards at JCP and found a deal on their giftcard. On top of that, I made sure I went to make the purchse during their early bird sale (usually have once or twice a month from 9-1) and I saved another $10-15 per a suit. Price breakdown: $65 jacket (price on website $90, early bird sale $80 and $15 off $75), pants $30 (price on website $40, early bird sale $35, combine two pants to use $10 off $50 coupon) and then I purchased a giftcard on ebay for a discount (paid $325 for a $475 gift card). Shirt and ties will be puchased at suit outlet for $17 each set.

Here are the GM's suits:|71053

Actual Wedding day:





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I usually am not a big fan of expensive shoes. I generally would buy shoes that are under $100, which I think is a pretty fair price for some decent peep toes or maybe even running shoes. As my journey with wedding planning continues, I have been keeping a close eye on a few shoes that I would love to wear. I am not really sure if I would make the purchase because 1. I can't find those shoes locally anywhere to try 2. pictures lie. I have been actively looking for cute shoes and have found quite a few but so far nothing is in my size. :'( I wear a 5.5 in shoes and most pretty shoes start at size 6. I contemplated custom ordering my wedding shoes from Ninas but those would really be my last resort since I'm extremely undecisive and won't be able to try them on beforehand. Nina carries some really cute shoes but most of them are too high. I would like the heels to be < 3 inches. I want ivory satin fabric and it has to be very comfortable so that I can wear all day. So far I have narrowed it down to Hey Lady Shoes called Twinkletoes which has a pricetag that almost triples what I'm willing to pay. As for now.. I can only drool over these until I can find another alternative. Who knows.. I might decide to purchase them on one of my bipolar days. :P

      shoe porn photo 1      shoe porn photo 2   

        shoe porn photo 3


I bought my wedding shoes and they are nothing like I had expected. I ended up with something super blingy.  I bought Enzo shoes called Merryann for <$100. It was sooooo hard to find shoes in size 5. I searched all of California.. through Macys. LOL. I actually had a very nice shoe salesman search for white shoes in size 5 for me on Black Friday. Poor guy went above and beyond and found me my wedding shoes for only $80 including shipping from New York. The heel is slightly higher then what I was looking for but with less then two weeks until my wedding.... I really don't care what kind of shoes now.. LOL. I need shoes and I need them now before my wedding.







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I finally decided for the 243246546x today to make my alcohol purchase. I was really debating if I should go with the cheaper alcohol or splurge on alcohol. After a long discussion with FI, he decided that if we were going to spend a lot on alcohol might as well splurge on the good stuff. I initially wanted Martell Cordon Bleu but FI decided against it to get Remy Martin XO. I can finally mark alcohol off my list of things to do..

                                               Alcohol alcohol and more alcohol photo 1

Splurging on the alcohol was worth it. Everyone was raving about the alcohol at our wedding. It was sad to see that people were actually fighting over who gets the bottle. At the end of the night, we didn't even see a single empty bottle left at our venue. I guess our guests even wanted to keep the empty bottles. LOL

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My parents insist that we must have the "Le Vu Quy" and "Thanh Hon" sign in front of the bride and grooms house. Just in case you've never noticed how horrendous those signs look like... just a reminder, they are in my favorite colors (...sarcasm) of bright red and gold with chinese letters or sometimes dragons and the phoenix. I figured since I can't bypass this long and engrained tradition... why not make it into something that I will enjoy and if it comes out ugly I can officially say that I put it upon myself. LOL Just in case you haven't figured out by now... I intend to make that sign myself. How? I dont really know yet. LOL... wish me luck.. Meanwhile, here are some pictures of those signs for er... inspiration?


must have Vietnamese traditions photo 1  must have Vietnamese traditions photo 2

                   must have Vietnamese traditions photo 3

must have Vietnamese traditions photo 4  

Instructions on how to get the template:

Actual Wedding day: As the day came closer, I got busier and didn't have time to make the signs. Our parents ended up renting one. Here are some images from my house.

The front of my husbands house: