Dec 11, 2010

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                               paper goods photo 1    

  paper goods photo 2 paper goods photo 3

paper goods photo 4 paper goods photo 5

paper goods photo 6   paper goods photo 7

          paper goods photo 8

                                     credit: jasminealaine


My acutal invitations:They took forever to finish. Everything is on metallic cardstock with embossed printing. I tried to capture the embossed printing but my camera sucks. At first I was going to order custom stamps for the RSVP also but after looking at the polar bear stamp for a while, I thought he was kinda cute and he so happens to match the color of my invites. I ended up only ordering custom stamps for the actual outer envelope. My invtes are actually light/baby blue with brown lining and ivory pocketfolds. I took this at night with very poor lighting so the color didn't com out quite right.

It was hard to design my invitations because our parents wanted so much irrelevant information on the invitation. If you look at any traditional Vietnamese invitation, it would contain both the parents names, addresses, our saint names, our status among our siblings, and it contains both english and vietnamese. Because we had traditional invitations, we were kinda stuck with a certain format for the design. Both our parental names had to appear on top/first and parallel to each other. As I started to design my invites, I slowly deleted all the extra swirls, unnnecessary wording, and removed all ribbon designs. I was aiming for plain and simple invitations but in the end they still came out pretty busy looking.

Tips for designing your invitations:

-Make the rsvp into a post card so you only need to pay $0.28c for the stamps as opposed to $0.44c. Not much money overall in savings for most people but I had over 200 invitations.... so it kinda added up in the end.

-Be careful with the weight of the invitations. Since I had heavy cardstock and lined the envelopes, my invites were exactly at 2 ounces.







On our wedding day at 4 am, I couldn't sleep so I decided to make room signs. LOL. They were very easy to make and didn't take long at all. I made a total of 5 signs. Two bridal suites, one groom's room, and two reserved room. Since we had to do the tea ceremony in my red ao dai, I had to bring my actual white wedding dress to my husbands house so I can change there. I had a bridal suite sign at his house also. The reserved signs were for the designated rooms to put personal belongings and were to be kept locked/door closed so nothing would go missing.

Table numbers were also done one day before the wedding day. I totally forgot about them. Lucky they were super easy to make and I had lots of help from my family.

           I labored over these dinner menus. I made over 430 menus for each guest.


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                                     St Denis Catholic Church in Diamond Bar

                       Beautiful locations for pictures photo 1      Beautiful locations for pictures photo 2                                       Beautiful locations for pictures photo 3           

                                              credit: lupper77's bio


                                                 Pasadena City Hall

   Beautiful locations for pictures photo 4  Beautiful locations for pictures photo 5

                                         Beautiful locations for pictures photo 6   

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                                      Inspirational bouquet photo 1

              Inspirational bouquet photo 2


       I love this bouquet but in all white. credit goes to mscin for finding it on Linda Vuong Floral Events

   Inspirational bouquet photo 3      Inspirational bouquet photo 4      


My wedding day bouquet came out pretty good. I was a little disappointed because it didn't have enough bling but overall I am happy with how it looks. I had feathers and was all white with orchids on it. 






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Thank you pictures that I enjoy looking at. Hopefully I will get motivated one day and make some for our thank you cards.

   Thank you pictures photo 1  

                  credit: clightner's bio


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                       I want mscin's cake. I will be ordering her cake soon. :P

     Yummy cake photo 1         Yummy cake photo 2


I have ordered my cake but suddently I am having second thoughts. I now want a round cake. I'm not sure yet. I came across this picture and I love the cake stand and cake topper.



Actual Wedding day: the cake came out perfect.. in my eyes.... LOL. I loved how it looked and it tasted great even after being in my fridge for three days. :) I ended up with Mscin's cake because it was my love at first sight. I admit I had wandering eyes.. but I still decided on my Mscin's cake at the end. :P

* I had a bling cake topper but I loved how my cake was so much that I didn't even care for the bling cake topper. I was completely happy with how it looked without a cake topper.

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I love Par228's dancefloor. I never thought the dancefloor would make such a big difference but after seeing her dancefloor... wow.. is all I can say. It was diffinately worth the spurge for her. My venue has a deep brown/black dancefloor (I think), so my monogram will have to be in a white/light color. I certainly hope my dancefloor will come out half as nice as parr228's dancefloor. I also love her blue uplighting.

     Dancefloor monogram photo 1 Dancefloor monogram photo 2

 Isn't that gorgous? I love love the blue uplighting. Here is another peek at her wedding.

                                                 Dancefloor monogram photo 3

                                    Here is a sneak peek at my dancefloor at mscin's wedding.

  Dancefloor monogram photo 4   Dancefloor monogram photo 5

                                           Dancefloor monogram photo 6


I can't wait to see actual pictures of my dancefloor from my photog. I know he took some really good pictures. Here is a teaser I found on Megan Julia Photography's blog. I wanted a simple one and I loved the way it looked on my dancefloor.