Dec 11, 2010

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Originally, I wanted to save money and reuse my centerpiece flowers for the ceremony decor but I have recently had a change of heart. I'm starting to fall in love with pomander balls lining the aisle. I love that look with a customized aisle runner. Below are inspirational pictures.

              Ceremony decor photo 1

    Ceremony decor photo 2     Ceremony decor photo 3

                 credit: pw bride jbl04d's bio


                                     Our church at OLA in Claremont

               Ceremony decor photo 5

Actual wedding day:


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I love Kohler's veil picture. Ever since I joined PW, her veil has been haunting me. I knew from the beginning that I had to have a veil like hers. 

All about veils photo 1

I love lacy veils, veils with rhinestones, pearls, and all sorts of bling but my dress is already busy so I didn't want to distract too much from my dress. Below are some pictures I found on PW pictures that I love.

All about veils photo 2All about veils photo 3All about veils photo 4All about veils photo 5All about veils photo 6All about veils photo 7


Of course I have to include our beautiful mscin's veil. Isn't this such a beautiful picture? So dreamy and perfect.

               All about veils photo 8         All about veils photo 9

      All about veils photo 10

                   credit: jjpeng's bio (

   My actual veil during my engagement photoshoot with KLV.

All about veils photo 11  All about veils photo 12

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Picking a venue was so hard. I hated most of the traditional Vietnamese venues because of all the dragons, red and gold colors. I made a list of must haves for my wedding venue and searched all of OC and 626 area. 

Must have list: Venue- chiavari chairs, clean/new, no red and gold designs, specialty lighting, and floor length specialty linen (not a must but great if possible).

I love the look of chiavari chairs. They just look so clean and organized to me. I hate the look of regular banquet chairs with the chair covers and a sash. They just make the table seem so crowded and messy. Chiavari chairs are fairly new in the Vietnamese community so I was left with not many choices in venues that offered them unless I wanted to spend extra and order them from outside but I must have them for my wedding.

I also really wanted to splurged on floor length specialty linen. They generally cost about $7-10 each table just to rent and I'm too cheap to spend extra on them so I have to look for a venue that offers it for free. LOL. I know... good luck with that right? I wanted brown linen and it was such a hard color to find in Vietnamese venues. They always offer the normal length poly table linens in white/ivory, pink, and a few other random colors.

I finally found our venue thanks to mscin. Here is a sneak peek at our venue. Our venue is brand new and are still under construction so I will be having updates periodically. It has chiavari chairs and the gorgeous brown floor length linen that I've been drooling over.


Venue update photo 1     Venue update photo 2

                  Venue update photo 3     Venue update photo 4

                                     Venue update photo 5    


Here is a recent update of my venue stolen from mscin's bio. I hope she doesn't mind. :P

        Venue update photo 6

Another update of venue: 8/6/2010 with light blue uplighting. Please ignore the red and gold table decorations.  I will be having brown floor length table linens instead.

Venue update photo 7   Venue update photo 8

Venue update photo 9   Venue update photo 10

Inspirational lighting colors: light blue


Actual Wedding day: The lighting was off but truthfully.. I really didn't care. LOL. During that day, I didn't care for anything. I just wanted to get married and be with my husband. My venue came out very nice in pictures. I loved that they were soooo easy to work with. The day before the wedding, I was suppose to drop off everything at my venue. I thought I had planned everything out but I still left quite a few things out. I forgot all the menus at home and we had menus for each seat. I also was in between renting satin napkins because they look so pretty in pictures but I have heard quite a few complaints about them not being very practical since they are so slippery. Last minute, I decided to use regular poly napkins in ivory. Kudoos to my venue because I emailed them at 4am saturday, the day of my wedding to tell them to change my napkins. I wanted my napkins to be folded a certain way and when I stepped into my venue.. it was exactly the way I wanted it. I wanted the napkins to be folded lenthwise and hanging on the table and underneath the plates so it would be easier to place the menus on them the day of the wedding. My adorable flowergirl, Kaitlyn was so helpful. I can't believe that she is such a cute little angel. She volunteered to put all the menus on each plate for me.

Here is a teaser of my venue from Le photography. I will update with more when I get my official wedding pictures from KLV photography.

I loved the way the napkins are and how I had alternating chair covers. This was a picture of the venue before I placed votive candles on the table. I had brown floor length tableclothes with ivory napkins, chair covers over the chiavari chairs, and light blue menus on each plate.



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I bought my final bridesmaid dress. LOL. My theme colors are brown, light blue, and ivory. I initially wanted ivory dresses but things didn't come out how I expected. I then decided on light blue dresses but they are just so hard to find now. Then I finally came across a brighter teal lookind dress from Macys. I pondered about it for so long that it stressed me out. But at the end having my bridesmaid wear dresses with more color will make them stand out nicely. This is finally the dress that I settled on.


I got inspired by this wedding:

The bridesmaid dresses were a different blue tone compared to her overall wedding and her bridesmaids stood out very nicely. Her colors are also very similar to mines. Her cake is light blue with brown. I tend to make everything match exactly and was afraid my wedding would look too plain but adding extra tones of blue will add more dimension to the wedding colors.


Each bridesmaid will also be wearing a pink ao dai. I will be wearing a bright red and gold ao dai so I figured a light pink ao dai for them would match me. I will be providing them with a pink lacy ao dai and they will be wearing it for a short period. I haven't decided when they will be wearing each dress but I eventually will get there. Below are some pictures of me in the bm's pink ao dai. The ao dai was way too big on me so it kinda looked odd. You can tell in the last picture that the back did not fit me. It is about 3 inches too big for me. I always seem to forget to wear shoes when I take pictures with dresses. The dress made me look so short too.

   bridesmaid dress photo 6  bridesmaid dress photo 7  bridesmaid dress photo 8


     I got my younger niece to try on the BM's ao dai. She's bigger in size so it acutally looks better on her. 

  bridesmaid dress photo 9  bridesmaid dress photo 10  bridesmaid dress photo 11


Edit: I decided to buy shoes for my bridesmaids too. I initially wanted white/ivory shoes but decided against it. I feel that black shoes would look best with the teal dress.

Here are the shoes that I decided on:


Actual wedding day:






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I'm thinking of buying this dress. I like it the most out of all the gowns I've tried on this far. I didn't expect to like this gown before I tried it on. I always thought I wanted a tight mermaid style lace gown, but I randomly tried this gown on and walah!! I like it.. :) I've tried on tight lace gowns with millions of crystals but it just didn't look right on me. After trial and error I have figured out that I need a dress with straps because I'm flat. LOL. This gown was a size 6 so it was way too big. I'm closer to a size 2, so if I end up purchasing this gown it would look a lot better in my size. I would also like to make some major alterations to it. First I would need to make the deep V neckline in front higher. I usually don't mind showing a little cleavage but my wedding is not the time to do that. Second, I would make the back lower :P to compensate for the lack of cleavage in front.

            My wedding dresses photo 1           My wedding dresses photo 2                    

                                                          This is the dress on the model.

                                                     My wedding dresses photo 5

       I almost forgot to document my journey with Millybridal. I loved the test dress that they sent me.

               My wedding dresses photo 6       My wedding dresses photo 7

I finally got my two dresses from Milly. I took forever to get them altered because I felt that I still had a lot of time left. As December is approaching, I'm starting to feel overwhelmed with having to take engagement pictures, selecting a makeup artist, hair styles, shoes, and accessories. Here is a sneak peak at the Mori Lee dress that I wanted replicated and custom made by Milly. Keep in mind, these pictures were taken without the proper bra, no crinoline, and no shoes. I have already purchased my mermaid crinoline from David's Bridal, so I will be getting it soon. Once I do, I promise to update with better pictures because these pictures really do not do my dresses justice. The details on the dresses are amazing and so difficult to capture with my cheap old camera. :(

             My wedding dresses photo 8           My wedding dresses photo 9

                   Below is my pathetic attempt to try to capture the details of my dress. :(My wedding dresses photo 10    My wedding dresses photo 11

Here is the back of the dress. The original dress had a regular back, so I requested that Milly make the back dip lower. :) I also should have worn some heels to take pictures because the dress made me look so short.

                  My wedding dresses photo 12    My wedding dresses photo 13


Edit: Yay.. I finally got my crinoline from Davids Bridal. Boy.. did it make such a big difference... My dress looks 10x better with a crinoline. And at one point I considered not getting a crinoline...what was I thinking... Without further ado.. here is my new and improved dress. 

                My wedding dresses photo 14   My wedding dresses photo 15

Here is a better example of the before and after. My dress looks like the first picture after walking around for a few minutes, but adding a crinoline prevents the bottom of my dress from bunching up and looking unstructured.

              My wedding dresses photo 16   My wedding dresses photo 17

              My wedding dress on our wedding day: pictures from KLV photography



That was dress number one. I will be wearing that dress for the church ceremony and taking thank you card pictures. My second dress will be mainly for the cake cutting and first dance. Many moons ago, I was stalking a photog's blog and discovered a picture of another bride that i absolutely fell in love with. The back of her engagement picture dress was so gorgeous. I found the picture through Thaovu.

        My wedding dresses photo 18    My wedding dresses photo 19


                  My wedding dresses photo 20      My wedding dresses photo 21

                                              My wedding dresses photo 22    

     My wedding dresses photo 23 My wedding dresses photo 24

Actual Wedding day I decided last minute to wear another dress in honor of my mom. I've always loved fall/winter wedding themes so I naturally wanted white and light blue as my main colors. My mother was so sad when she found out that I wanted to wear an all white ao dai for my wedding. She was so mad that she didn't even want to look at my custom made ao dai even though she knew I loved it so much. For the tea ceremony in the morning, I decided to wear a red ao dai to make my mom happy. Here are some teasers from my wonderful photographers Le photography and Megan Julia photography (from Kevin Le Vu photography).



My last dress was a white ao dai with lots of bling to go with my bling shoes. :P I was so sad because I forgot the hat that goes with the dress. :( Oh wells... I'll be taking an after wedding photoshoot with Le Photography to make up for the forgotten hat. Heres a picture of the ao dai from my friends camera. I hope my photogrpher got a good picture of it. As for now.. this teaser will do.


Edit: I didn't really get any good pictures of my white ao dai. :( oh wells.. I guess thats what my next photoshoot will be.



                         Finally, here is a picture of my white ao dai. Photo by Le photography.




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I am the first child in my family to get married. FI is also the first chid in his family to get married, so our parents are really happy that we are finally getting married. My family has super unrealistic (high) expectations for my engagement and wedding. FYI: I'm poor because I just graduated in May 2009 and I feel bad if FI or my parents have to pay for everything. To top it off, I didn't have much time to plan it because I was in the middle of my last semester of school, which meant loads of research papers and exams. Our engagement is meant to be only for close elderly relatives but the guest list ended up being over 100. It was supposed to be meant for about 30 guests. My house was so super cramped; it was a disaster. Here are the pictures from my engagement party. 


Our huge engagement party photo 1  Our huge engagement party photo 2


                                                Our huge engagement party photo 3

                                        Our huge engagement party photo 4

My mom insisted that I had to wear that ugly bright red dress. ARGHH!!!! Its traditional to wear a gown like that for the engagement but not red. I dislike that color A LOT!! I protested, mother lectured, I bargained, I did the whole nine yards. I ended up wearing that ugly red dress. What I learned from this: mother overrules all. That red dress made me look like a red lucky packet/envelope from Chinese New Years.

Our huge engagement party photo 5