Dec 11, 2010

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Fi and I have been together for eight years before we tied the knot. He was my first real boyfriend and I'm his first girlfriend. Throughout highschool I've dated a few random guys but nothing over 3 weeks long. I remember the first time I spoke to Fi I told him I would never date him. hahhaha He was so patient, persistent, and sweet that I had to give him a chance after talking on the phone and chatting with him for over three months. I am just so glad that we found each other. After five wonderful years and Fi waiting patiently for me to finish up nursing school, he finally proposed.

The proposal was so weird. FI took me to a dinner cruise in SD on a random day after I had finished finals. We ate delicious food and he wanted to walk outside to the deck where it was freezing cold to watch the fireworks. I admit I sort of protested because I was wearing a dress and freezing. I would rather be inside and warm because we were still able to watch the fireworks from where we were sitting. FI begged me to go outside, so I finllay agreed to go outside. We were watching fireworks and then next thing you know FI started telling me about how wonderful I make him feel and the whole speech thing. I don't remember much from it. hahahha. I wasn't crying, like most brides on PW. I was very calm and collected. I was in shock. I reacted almost as if nothing had happened. It felt almost as if it was only a normal conversation that we usually have. I didn't get all excited until I got home to tell my family that I got engaged.

Oh.. and the ring that FI used to propose to me doesn't fit me. It was about ten sizes too big. It literally was too big for my big toe! So... I couldn't wear my ring until 3 months later. But its ok. I'll still marry him even if he didn't have a ring for me.


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