Apr 24, 2010

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Our pictures were taken the end of September in the northwoods of Wisconsin.  Our photograher, Becky, from Brown Street Studios was so awesome.  She spent so much time with us and gave us a great experience and a taste of what our wedding day will be like.

Engagement Pictures photo 1

Engagement Pictures photo 2

Engagement Pictures photo 3

Engagement Pictures photo 4

Engagement Pictures photo 5

Engagement Pictures photo 6

Engagement Pictures photo 7

Engagement Pictures photo 8

Engagement Pictures photo 9

Engagement Pictures photo 10

Engagement Pictures photo 11

Engagement Pictures photo 12

Engagement Pictures photo 13

Engagement Pictures photo 14

My favorite:  Engagement Pictures photo 15

Engagement Pictures photo 16

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TABLE NUMBERS:  My wonderful mother did most of the work on these.  We don't really need them for the tables but I wanted to assist the caterer and his staff in identifying tables.  Sorry for the crappy pic...

Paper Paper Everywhere photo 1

SAVE THE DATE:  I got my inspiration from and designed my own in Publisher and printed them through Vistaprint (be sure to sign up for their deals.  I just had to pay shipping)!

Inspiration:  Paper Paper Everywhere photo 2


My version, the front:  Paper Paper Everywhere photo 3

The backside:  Paper Paper Everywhere photo 4

The Magnet (also printed through Vistaprint):  Paper Paper Everywhere photo 5

INVITATIONS:  I purchased the paper from Anchor Paper.  They were great to work with and even gave me scraps for FREE!  The scraps have come in very handy for smaller projects!

 Paper Paper Everywhere photo 6


The mock-up of the invites:  Paper Paper Everywhere photo 7

Paper Paper Everywhere photo 8


PHOTOSHARE CARDS:  Again printed through Vistaprint:  Paper Paper Everywhere photo 9

PLACECARDS:  Just needed these for the head tables and a few family tables.  So made these super simple and super easy to do: 

Paper Paper Everywhere photo 10




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We are having the reception at the Church's social hall so it's not that great looking since the hall is used as the school's lunch room.  We have a HUGE task ahead of us to make it look not so boring!

Centerpieces:  We are "recycling" the pomanders from the church pews and using them as centerpieces.  Again, I wanted to keep it simple since not many remember what you had for a centerpiece at your wedding!

Reception Fun photo 1Reception Fun photo 2

WEDDING CAKE:  As I'm typing all of this, I realize I have one theme:  SIMPLE!!  The lady we want to have do our wedding cake isn't familiar with how ribbon works on the cake so we have some trials to do.  I found online that you can iron wax paper to the back of the ribbon to prevent the grease/butter from the frosting to get onto the ribbon.  We'll see how that experiment goes!

Reception Fun photo 3

For the cake stand, we are going to do the "turn a candle holder upside down" trick:


Reception Fun photo 4


CAKE TOPPER:  FI and I have given each other Willow Tree figurines so I want to use that as our cake topper.


Reception Fun photo 5

Cakes with it on:  Reception Fun photo 6

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I am a DIY girl through and through.  Learned to be crafty from my mom.  I will be doing all of the paper, flower, decorating, etc, etc, etc.  Wish me luck!


MONOGRAM:  I changed my mind several times about the font, but the general design remained the same.  Here is the final product:

DIY GALORE photo 1

UNITY CANDLE:  My first project.  I initally typed up a bible verse and just put that on there but then found a different design I liked better.  So here is the FINAL finished design:


DIY GALORE photo 2DIY GALORE photo 3

THANK YOU SIGN:  Bought some frames for cheap from JoAnns and spray painted them silver.  Printed the words off and voila!


DIY GALORE photo 4

POMANDERS:  I bought whole 6" styrofoam balls from Flower Factory.  FI cut them in half for me with a styrofoam cutter.  The silk flowers are from ebay seller, roseys_garden.  My sister and I hot glued all of the stems to the head of the flower to ensure they don't fall off.  Then we just started sticking the flowers into the styrofoam.  For the back, I didn't want the styrofoam to show, so I cut felt to size and superglued that on along with the ribbon to put around the pews.

DIY GALORE photo 5  DIY GALORE photo 6

DIY GALORE photo 7

DIY GALORE photo 8

BOUQUETS:  I had fun making these and they too were pretty easy.  I took advice of a fellow PW (sorry can't remember your name) on how to wrap the stems.

Here's the steps:

  1. Cut stems to desired length
  2. Place flowers together as desired.
  3. Rubberband stems together
  4. Cut a manila file folder to size so it wraps around the stems.
  5. Use masking tape to secure the manila folder in place.

My Bouquet with my maternal grandmother's brooch:

DIY GALORE photo 9DIY GALORE photo 10    DIY GALORE photo 11

BM's Bouquets:

DIY GALORE photo 12


All together:  DIY GALORE photo 13

BATHROOM BASKETS:  The baskets are from a Michael's clearance sale and the saying from a PWer (sorry I didn't get your name)

DIY GALORE photo 14   DIY GALORE photo 15





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I don't have many friends, just a few close friends.  So our bridal party is small with only two.  Here are the girls that are going to be by my side for the big day!

Tiffany:  My cousin introduced when we were just turning 21.  We were out at the club every weekend dancing up a storm.  We had so much fun and so many memories!!

A Girl s Best Friends photo 1


Leanne:  I met her while working with Family Video and she is friends with both of us.  We started hanging out at the infamous "Margarita Nights" and still do!  She is a hoot and can really get a party going! 

This picture was taken after numerous margaritas!!

  A Girl s Best Friends photo 2


THE BM DRESSES:  We went dress shopping in April 2009.  I had pre-picked out a dress.  Both girls tried it on and it did not work at all.  So we tried a few more on and a few minutes later they both agreed on the same dress!!  It is also Alfred Angelo!  Style #6493

My Matron of Honor below left, Tiffany (middle is stock image of the color), and right is BM, Leanne!

A Girl s Best Friends photo 3


Jewelry:  I found some simple pearl drop necklaces on clearance at Kohls.  It goes perfectly with the dresses. 


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MY DRESS:  I'm not so picky when it comes to this.  All I knew was that I didn't want super pouffy.  I was taking a dress in for my best friend's wedding and when I got to the shop they had a HUGE sale.  So I started looking and tried on a dozen or so.  I frantically called my BF and said she needed to come and give her opinion!  As a true friend, she showed up immediately!  In total, it took me about 45 minutes to find my dress.  Here it is, Alfred Angelo Style # 1807:


Beautification photo 1Beautification photo 2

Beautification photo 3


MY JEWELRY:  This was harder than the dress!!  I tried on more necklaces with the dress than the dresses itself.  I took a leap of faith and ordered from and it worked so amazingly well!!  I even got a great deal, 15% off coupon, free shipping, and had a $20 gift card for e-mailing them my favorite piece of jewelry.  I got the bracelet from Kohl's.....of course I had 30% off at the time so it was a steal!

Beautification photo 4Beautification photo 5


MY HAIR:  At first I was going to wear it all up but then realized that was stupid because why else am I growing my hair out!?!?  So I think I've finally settled on how to wear it and what to wear in it!


My maternal grandmother's brooch:  Beautification photo 6



Back (all found at this website: )

Beautification photo 7Beautification photo 8Beautification photo 9


Beautification photo 10



Beautification photo 11


MAKE-UP:  I want to keep it simple so I still look like myself but at the same time I want it a little dramatic.  Also need to make sure my eyes look bigger since they are so squinty to begin with...


Beautification photo 12  Beautification photo 13


FI and I picked out what the guys will be wearing.  Here is the screenshot of the looks.  It is hard to see but the ties are stripped and the vests are checkered.


Beautification photo 14