Apr 18, 2010

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I was super excited to go to a cake tasting! I've seen it on tv and movies and its always seems like the sweetest part of the planning process..literally! I had two cake tastings, which went well. One of them of course went better than the other, so I booked them! My cake baker is Its All About The Cake in Dana Point, CA. Flavors like Banana compote was my ultimate compote and vanilla creme were my favorites! My cake is simple in design, but scrumptious in taste! Here are my inspirations for the yummy....


Cake Cake and more Cake photo 1 Cake Cake and more Cake photo 2 Cake Cake and more Cake photo 3 Cake Cake and more Cake photo 4

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This has got to be the hardest thing to choose and narrow down! I have so many favorites and my vision is not centered..Uh Oh! I may need help :o) lol. More to come...

Flowers photo 1

Flowers photo 2

Flowers photo 3


Flowers photo 4

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[See my updated message below]

Engaged to the man of my dreams. Perfect to me in every way...

As a Bride-to be, I am so excited about the planning, but overwhelmed as well. I love to hear advice from other Brides and Brides-to-be, so please share your experiences.


Thanks in advance for your priceless tips!

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My wedding was everything I hoped it to be and much much more. I feel so blessed to have had such a wonderful experience planning my wedding and had an even more a terrific time enjoying the wedding day! 

Now that my wedding is over and I'm on to the next chapter of marriage, I want to update my profile and give tips to beautiful brides and grooms to be! Hope you enjoy and feel free to message me with questions. I love helping wedding dreams come true and loved it so much I started an event planning company. Check it out and happy planning: