Apr 18, 2010

Heavenly Blooms
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Brides to be...this is the best florist in town! Heavenly Blooms has everything a bride could ask for...Reasonable Prices, Beautiful Designs, Amazing Experience & Vision and Stress Free!

I used Heavenly Blooms for my April 2010 wedding and worked with Jaclyne. Jaclyne has a warm personality and is very down to earth. She is not pushy and does not try to squeeze your last hard earned dime from you. Instead, Jaclyne is a jewel and works with your budget and your vision. I met with Jaclyne with a lot of different ideas and she worked with me and helped me to come up with a beautiful floral scheme.

When it was time for my sample, the flowers were fresh and beautiful so I knew my wedding flowers would be amazing (And they were!). She takes your opinion of her work seriously and ensures you will be satisfied, or in my case ecstatic, about your flowers. For my wedding flowers everything was top-notch and so beautiful...rose petals, beautiful centerpieces for the tables and amazing pieces for the ceremony. I could not be happier with how everything turned out.

I loved working with Jaclyne and Heavenly Blooms and was so very happy about my wedding florals. So many of my guest commented on how beautiful everything was and I feel the same way. I had perfect flowers on my perfect day and I have Heavenly Blooms to thank for that.

You will not go wrong with them!!!!
Services used: Flowers

Jinny's Bridal Center
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
Unfortunately I had a horrible experience with Jinny's Bridal and her associates. Never have I felt to mistreated as a customer in all my life. I would not recommend this bridal store to any bride or her bridesmaids based on my own personal experience. The fact that I paid for my dresses and trusted the store with my order and my money, but got no service back in return is not a good feeling to me and I wouldn't want anyone else to experience it either. Its unfortunate, but true. A simple sorry would have fixed a lot. Instead I received rude service and refund. Below is my story if you are interested in knowing what happend. I ordered and paid for 5 Bridesmaid dresses from Jinny's Bridal which cost over $1000 total. On the evening I placed and paid for my order, I was told my dresses would be ordered that night and that I'd receive a follow-up call the next morning. Two weeks later, I get a call from an associate that my dresses were never order because they didn't have sizes. There had to be a mistake I thought because I gave every size for each girl myself. In addition to that mistake, I figured that if there was a problem it would not have taken the store two weeks to notify me. From all the confusion I was told I'd receive a call from the associate I spoke to that night to help fix the problem. About 20 mins later the owner gave me a call, Jinny herself, and tried to remedy the fiasco. Jinny never apologized for the mishap, nor did she acknowledge that her employee was in the wrong. Instead she told me that her employee gave me wrong information (Not my fault I thought....) and that the employee should not have said that. She also said that I would now have to pay additional fees for shipping if I wanted my dresses in time for the wedding. (Please note: At the time I placed and PAID for the my dress order I was told no extra shipping fee would be necessary, BUT that if anything changed..I would receive a call the next day. I never received a call until two weeks later). Hmmm, something is wrong here I thought.... I am the customer, the employee gave me incorrect information, and now I have to pay for it. Pay an extra $150 that is. Again, I never received a "I'm sorry" from the owner of the shop. I was however placed on hold to speak to the employee who told me the wrong in formation in the first place. This woman basically told me I lied about what I was told and also told me I'd have to pay extra in shipping for my dress. Skip over the part of the woman (employee) cutting me off repeatedly, accusing me of lying and hearsay and calling me "Baby" in her southern accent, to the shop returning me my money....Without an apology. I'm glad the other brides her had a better experience than I did at Jinny's Bridal, but future brides beware.
Services used: Dress & Attire