Aug 16, 2009

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Finally, finally, FINALLY I have set up my first dress fitting appointment. Its been hard since I am planning from DC. I didn't want to just pick a random seamstress in this area, so I decided to wait until my trip home to Cincinnati to meet with one of the preferred seamstresses the bridal shop recommended. I spoke with him on the phone today, and he seems wonderful. I just started Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD, so I'd better keep it up after the first fitting! Ahhh. I can't believe I am going to be a bride by Labor Day 2009...And I really can't believe I pulled this off in 4 months. Hope I'm not speaking too soon! :)

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So I know we're all biased. But really. TRULY. My ring is the prettiest ring in the world. Not b/c it has the most diamonds. It's just soo...vintage chic. I really love it. And I guess I better since I have to wear it for the rest of my life! :o)

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I just realized that perhaps I should have introduced myself. My name is Megan and I was born in Los Angeles, CA and raised in Cincinnati, OH. I currently live in Maryland and work in Washington D.C but the wedding is going to be in Cincinnati. My fiance lives in Columbus, OH and we're moving to Boston the week after the wedding because I'm starting graduate school full time. Yea. I get around. That's actually the reason why we are trying to stick to some sort of budget. The cost of living in Boston is no joke. I will always and forever be sticker shocked when I move to big cities. Let's put it this way. My fiance pays $500/mo in rent living in Ohio. I pay $500 for a ROOM. Not ok. Moving on.

The Wedding Dream

Before the steady stream of snooty wedding planners burst my bubble, I had dreams of an outdoor summer wedding complete with white tents and white lights. We would unite in marriage on a dusky summer evening. A live, twelve piece salsa band would play merengue, bachata, and salsa and my 100+ guests would laugh and dance well into the night. Well until the park closed at 11:30. You catch my drift. My cake would be five layers and covered in handmade sugar flowers. My photographer would have no set time limit and caputure every single extraordinary moment of my special day without looking at his watch. And...scene.

The first couple of wedding coordinators or planners or whatever they like to be called were rather excited when I told them my theme. And then I told them my budget. A couple were quite helpful before they hurried me off the phone to get to the other brides (or parents of the bride) who apparently aren't living in the same recession stricken U.S of A that I am living in and have 40 grand to spend on a wedding. (Did that sound bitter? I hope not.) The helpful planners informed me that "tenting" (wow thats a verb? is all I kept thinking the first time she said it) is quite expensive since you have to bring everything in and pretty much start from scratch. I looked into it and realized they were right. I would have to pay for chairs and a dance floor and "tenting" along with getting a permit and footing the bill for the basics such as the cake, entertainment, flowers, etc. Wasn't gonna happen. So...I'm doing what I definitely don't do best. I'm compromising. My fiance and I found an awesome art deco used-to-be-a-movie theatre turned restaurant/jazz lounge to hold the reception. The food is taking up most of the budget but thats normal. There was no rental fee for the space, just the food. It has a great sound system also that we can use and a stage. As for my dreams of an outdoor wedding? Who would I be if I simply gave up? The ceremony is going to be outside at a place called the Ault Park Rose garden. It's a, you guessed it, rose garden. The main part of the park where I envisioned my newly wed hubby and I dancing our little hearts out to Marc Anthony's Tu amor me hace bien" (roughly "Your love makes me better" for the non Espanol speakers) have been set aside since it costs $2,000 for the permit. We will be holding our ceremony at the smaller, more off the beaten path location in the rose garden. Which if I may add costs $150. Score. I actually just booked it today. lol I figured I'd better have the location before I sent out the invites...hmm. Speaking of...a girl on Etsy put together some proofs and I teared up looking at our names on an ACTUAL WEDDING INVITATION! Funny, I cry at the invite proofs but not when he proposed. Backwards. Yes I know.

The Wedding Colors

My wedding colors are fuschia, black and white. I'm not really a girly girl, so I don't even know why I chose pink but I like it. It pops as they say on the Style channel.


Today I browsed the net and came up with the perfect wording for the invitations. I kind of just plucked from here and there and put everything together and I think its fantastic, if I do say so myself. The invites are going to read:

Megan Ware and Steven Torres

Together we laugh, we dream, we love,
and on this day, we marry.

Sunday,the sixteenth of August
Two Thousand and Nine
Two'o clock in the afternoon
amidst the Roses at the beautiful Ault Park Rose Garden in Cincinnati, Ohio

Food and merriment to follow

Please RSVP by July 1

And then the RSVP cards are going to read:

Ready to celebrate? Let us know by this date! July 1, 2009

___ Sounds great, won't be late!

___ Just can't make it, but congratulations!

Cute huh??? Cute with a touch of corny, just like me! lol

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a wedding website



Ok. So everyone is super excited that Steven and I are getting married, but I think that secretly most people are like, a wedding in 3 months? Yea right. And TECHNICALLY speaking, its less than three months. Its 79 days to be exact...

Wedding in 3 months photo 1

But I told myself that I was never going to be one of "those" brides. I am not by any means a control freak or picky. But I find myself having nightmares almost every single night that something just one little thing goes wrong on the wedding day, and it creates this domino effect....oh and did I mention our budget is $7,000? Sigh. I need to go to my happy place. $2,000 of that was spent on my gorgeous, gorgeous Enzoani wedding gown. The price may not be welcome in my happy place, but that gown sure is. I Looooove it. I try not to have Couture taste on a David's Bridal budget, but...I'm spoiled. There, I said it. However I DID consult with my fiance before buying the dress. I may have given the puppy dog face but STILL. Anyways, I bought it on my first (and last!) wedding dress shopping trip. My mom is going to try to recreate the Enzoani sash as well. The sash truly makes the dress. Don't give me that look. My mom is very artistic thank you. They wanted $250 for that sash that we all know cost less than 10 bucks to make. I just cannot go on enough about the miracle that gown creates with my body. I'm only 5'3 so I wasn't sure how the trumphet style was going to look, but it tightens and flattens and elongates like nobody's business. I even have a lil bit of junk in my trunk when I put it on!

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