Jul 11, 2009

Sky Facet
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Well I read the reviews both great and not so great and was a bit horrified from the not so greats. I called and asked if what i read was true. The customer rep named Stephanie put me on hold and transferred me to the owner paul. I spoke with him and told him my situation. He asked me which rings i liked i gave him both the item numbers for me and my FH he said ok and told me to give him my email address he said he would send a link that would help. Was he authorized my card to see if the funds were ok then sent me the rings before charging me a penny. He said if i had enough trust to do business with him he had trust to give me great service. For this reason alone i will forever use skyfacets jewelry store! the rings btw look nothing short of amazing! Oh also forgot to mention that they donate a portion of every sale to charity.
Services used: Jewelry