Aug 15, 2009

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Since im a newbie here at project wedding, I guess I will tell you a little about myself and my wedding.  First I would like to introduce the love of my life, my fiance, Shaun!

Biography photo 1 <= Isnt he cute? X) Shaun and I have set our wedding date for August 15 2009.  We chose this day because shaun remembers what time it was and the date when he first saw me :) it was august 15, 2006 at 11:23 pm! So we will have been together for 3 years on the day we say our I do's!  


Biography photo 2 This is the church we selected to have our ceremony in!  It is located in the mountains and it is about a 45 minute drive from town.  Its a bit of an inconvenience but well worth it to us!  Shuan and I were both raised in the mountains and we couldnt resist this the charm of this chapel!


As for the reception venue.... that has been a nightmare!  So we had to chose to have the reception in our own backyard!!!! OMG, that's scary!  We have hired gardeners and landscapers to take care of our lawns for right now its dead and we are completely remodeling our garage. The inside of our house is great, but the outside and garage haven't seen much TLC in years.  So as you can imagine this is a huge chore, but we are determined. We will be hosting a simple cocktail and hor' derv's reception in the evening.


Moving On...

This is the dress that gets me gitty every time I look at it! Its so cute it reminds me of a cupcake, which was the inspiration for ordering cupcakes as opposed to a traditional wedding cake :) I have the dress already but no one will let me take pics in it because they know I will show shaun HaHa so far he has yet to even see the dress!

Biography photo 3


This photo was the insperation for my bouquet although the one I made is a bit diffrent.  I will post photos of mine soon.

Biography photo 4

This is my wedding hair!  I think out of everything I am the most excited about my hair! This is just a rough draft, excuse my naked face.  We are also adding pink steak extentions to the bottom! The tierra was just one I had so the real one will be a bit diffrent.

Biography photo 5Biography photo 6

Biography photo 7Biography photo 8

Here are the invitations,  I am ordering a whole slew of stuff from this company all matching the invites including wine bottle labels (no one will know its 2 buck chuck lol j/k)

Biography photo 9

Biography photo 10 This is the bm dresses but they are in watermelon pink! You have to use you imagination for now.  3 out of 4 of the bm dresses are in so maybe i can snap some shots of the girls in the dresses!


Biography photo 11

This is a copy of one of the STD cards we sent out.  We had 5 diffrent ones but Im not sure where I saved the rest at ????


So that that for now.  I will add more as I come across them.  Its a very average joe wedding but I love it and it is ours!!


I guess I should add our colors are pink black and silver!


Thanks for looking!