Jun 20, 2009

( 1.0 / 5.0 )
On February 7, I went with my daughter to Bridal Elegance in Torrance to pick out my Mother of the Bride dress. Her wedding is June 20. I had a really good experience on that day. I ordered my dress, which was a size 14, and was going to have to take it in all over and change a few things on it, but it was going to be perfect. Now is when it all goes down hill. In the middle of May, Stacy called me to tell me my dress had arrived. I drove to pick it up. By the way, it is about 75 miles up and back. I was going to get it altered elsewhere, so she handed me the dress and I left. Later that evening I decided to try it on and show everyone. I took it out and thought it looked pretty small. I looked at the tag on the outside and it said 14, but the tag on the inside of the dress said 4!! I had to wait until they were open again a few days later and I called and told Stacy what happened. Her response was "I thought it looked small." She told me she would call the company (Watters and Watters) and tell them what happened. I had to call her back because she didn't call me, and she told me that they were going to make another dress and send it out and for me to bring the other dress in then. It was going to take 10 days. Twelve days later I called her to see what was going on and she said she would check and call me back. Once again, she didn't call back and I called her. She told me that now Watters and Watters was going to send Fed Ex to pick up the dress and then once they got it, they would take ten days to make another and then I would get the dress. Now i would have to wait even longer! Obviously, this was totally not acceptable since the wedding was now less than a month away. Don't know if it was her mistake or theirs, but she really should've demanded they do something NOW since it was their mistake. I then suggested that I come in and buy the sample of the other dress that I had wanted. She agreed and told me it was in the window and she would get it. I got there, and the dress in the window (which was still in the window) was not the dress I had wanted, but I tried it on. It was a little small (had an inch to go to zip up), but she told me that it could be let out to fit. She gave me $75 off since it was the sample. I took the dress to two different places and was told by both there was no extra material and it couldn't be done. I called Stacy and told her what they said and basically told her that now I had to go find a dress at the last minute after waiting four months for the dress I wanted and I was not happy. I finally found a dress at the mall which was twice the amount of the original dress, and I didn't even like it as well as the original one, but I had no choice since it had to be a certain color and that was all I found. I brought back the dress to Stacy (the third time I am driving there) and told her that she needed to compensate me for all my driving and lost time. We agreed that she would credit me back the dress and I could keep the $75, which I was happy with but she was not. At least it paid for my gas. This is too important of a day to trust it to Bridal Elegance.
Services used: Dress & Attire