Jun 11, 2011

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I want to try to do something different for my aisle runner.  Here are a few ideas I've come across:

Floral Aisle Runner Desgns photo 1 Floral Aisle Runner Desgns photo 2

Floral Aisle Runner Desgns photo 3

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E Pics photo 1 E Pics photo 2

E Pics photo 3 E Pics photo 4

E Pics photo 5

E Pics photo 6


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Shoes photo 1I'm loving these, but still doesn't even begin to tip the bling scale...my search continues


Shoes photo 2Well boo...they don't come in the color I need (sad face)


Shoes photo 3  Ok, now we're getting there.

this would be a nice color to go with under my dress or for my BM girls.

You can never say no to Badgley!!


I've been looking for this color everywhere!

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I'm a very simple girl and I love to keep things classy.  These are my beautiful centerpieces that I plan to recreate...

Centerpieces photo 1 


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The proposal came somewhat as a surprise only because I knew it was coming, but I just didn't know when.  

I'd gone to VA to help Geri move because he had lost his job.  We decided to go shopping at the mall.  We stopped by the jewelry store to look at engagement rings...something that we had been doing for about 6 months now.  As I'm browsing and trying on rings; he pulls up a chair next to me to sit.  He then says to me, "I know you like those rings, but what about this one?"  I turn to see what ring he's talking about and he's got the ring box popped open.  He's shaking and stuttering over words.  I was so in shock I don't really remember hearing anything else.  I just started saying, Are you serious? YES! YES! YES!!!

Here she is ladies...my beautiful ring :)


He asked and I said Oh YEA photo 1

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So Geri and I had a long distance relationship for majority of our time together.  I was in school in West Lafayette, IN; he in Rockford, IL (3 hours apart).  Then his job promoted him and moved him all the way to Hampton, VA (14 hours apart).  I graduated and moved to Menomonee Falls, WI while he was still in VA.  I even tried to find a job in VA, but it just wasn't working out too well.  

Surprisingly, we didn't breakup and just did our best to make the relationship work.  I thank God for this because we had to learn how to be friends first before anything else.  We are truly each other's BFF!!!ndakota.html.gif