Sep 06, 2009

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The big day came and went, a small part of me wishes to do it again......Truely loved the entire events leading up to and after. Very blessed to be able to have share my beautiful occassion with sooooo many good friends and loved ones. Thank you Project wedding for being here and all the wonderful members for their support and inspirations and especially for all the goodies I had the chance to buy! May your day be as blessed and full of love as mine and your future be filled with happiness and good health!

Here's a link to watch a brief slide show:  www.photodex.com  click SHARING and then BROWSE MEMBER and then enter ROBERTLAMPHOTO ( sorry this is a real quick put together one I wanted ASAP)

The Venue photo 1

The Venue photo 2

The Venue photo 3


The Venue photo 4

Our Story:

My FI wanted a destination wedding, somewhere in the Dominican, trust me as much as I would have loved to, it wasn't feasible. Not with three kids and a baby, who has time to fly back and forth to check on the wedding stuff. And since I have semi-OCD, that was not on my plate. So, to comprimise I decided on San Diego, well Coronado, 10 minutes away. I wanted Hawaii, but our family are mainly from New York and Houston and that would be horrible to torture them with the long plane ride and expensive hotels. So, here is where my cocktail and ceremony will be as well as the event. All I really want is to be on grass with the water in the back ground. It is completely awesome at night with the skyline of San Diego and the Bridge.

Cocktail Hour before the ceremony, going to have Bellytables and a few tables here and there. This way people can enjoy a drink or two and some food before the ceremony begins.

The Venue photo 5


Going to be adding a Chuppah made from Sheer fabric with flowers hanging on the top and sides, like this one

The Venue photo 6

My Bouquet


My dress: still work in progress, just added the BLING


I am not good at writing or better yet dont have time, but if you wanna see pics and read stuff, here is my website for the wedding... Happy readings.....