Sep 10, 2011

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Mike and I met 2nd semester Freshman year. We started 'dating' shortly after and became official after 2 months of dating.We moved in together about 3 years ago and after 4 years of being 'official' it finally happened!! I was cleaning one Saturday morning and FI had gone to 'work'. He then sent me a text message telling me that his co-worker suggested a nice restaurant and we should go. He told me I should get dressed up and do my nails .....I began to wonder BUT this is the same guy who got hives whenever marriage was brought up so I figured it was wishful thinking on my part.

SO all during dinner I had it in the back of my mind and after a few drinks I said "you know, I was thinking you were going to propose". He continued his hives thing and said we didn't money since we just bought a place and that it would happen in the next two years. On the way home I was kicking myself in the butt for even letting myself indulge in those thoughts. We got to our condo door and for some reason FI says 'You know I love you right?'.  *weird look on my face*

The door opens and there are rose petals all over the house, candles, pictures and there was a centerpiece of roses. My purse and jaw dropped to the floor. I didn't know if he was just being 'romantic' or if he was actually proposing. We had a sip of champagne and then he led me to our coffee table. On each rose of the centerpiece was a part of a poem which ended in 'will you be my wife". I was crying and shaking completely surprised. And then he tells me our families are downstairs to celebrate and he had gone to my parents house in the AM (an hour away) to get their permission. (He was afraid my mom would spill the beans LOL). I've always told him that I want my family somewhere after the proposal. It was the best proposal ever and I love that it happened in OUR home. 

Proposal photo 1Proposal photo 2

As you can tell, i did not get my nails done :(. Ring looks soooo much sparklier in person.

Proposal photo 3Proposal photo 4

Proposal photo 5