Jul 10, 2010

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A few photos...

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My mom considered making my dress, which I though was a cool idea, but we needed to try styles if nothing else.  I tried on the one from the ad, and liked it, but when asked if I loved it or could see myself getting married in it, I couldn't tell.  The next was just not right on me, and the third was too formal for our plans.  After taking in all the comments the three of us had made about the dresses, the consultant pulled her suggestion and said, let's try this on for fun.  As soon as it went on, I instantly loved it; and so did they.  It was The Dress...my sis (the artist) said it looked good from all angles, mom thought it was different and lovely, and definitely not something she could make.  It had all the elements I was looking for...and, it made me feel excited, fun, beautiful...all the things I want to feel on my wedding day!

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Colors: Teal, Orange, White/Tan, touches of green

Vibe/Theme: Comfortable, Island freshness

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Our Story photo 1~~ When it's meant to be...it will be ~~ 

We originally met almost six and a half years ago.  Neither of us could deny the sparks that flew between us as soon as we met...there was just something captivating about the other, something we knew was perfect.  However, after spending a couple months together we sadly had to go our seperate ways.  Each of us tried to find peace in the belief that if it was meant to be, life would bring us back together...

After four years, failed/unsatisfying relationships, states apart, and a child later...a phone call was made to a cell number that was never forgot, and luckily never changed.  And, this time, everything was right and life was ready for a "sickeningly perfect" couple to have their chance at true love.  Neither of us ever forgot the other, nor did our hears...and, here we are ready to vow that we'll never lose each other again. 

The proposal took place on a desert trip to where we first met, where neither of us had visited again since.  We were amongst a handful of close friends...everyone knew the plan, but me.  What a wonderful surprise, amongst wonderful friends, during a wonderfully fun weekend.