Nov 21, 2010

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Flowers, Reception, Centerpiece, Green, KallalilyI love the long tables - If you have seen any of the movies you know that the eat in the Great Hall and the tables are long and full of food :)) and they are broken down by house which is what we plan to do as well. :))

Personal3I love this idea for escort cards or even as favors for people when they leave. Not sure yet.

Ideas photo 1This is another idea for the tables because the tables will be named by house :)

This is what i got so far -What do you think?

We decided that we will use parchment paper for our guest book and for people to sign we will be having ink & quill

Ideas photo 2

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We meet in High School. I was dating one of his friends. I actually married that friend and he was a groomsmen in my first wedding (odd - I know). That wedding was in 03'. That marriage ended in o4'

In 07' we started hanging out and started officially dating 10/31/07 while taking my daughter trick or treating for Halloween - after 6 months of bliss with him - I proposed marriage - he said sure why not :) got married November 22, 2008 - We went to City Hall and had a dinner with about 25 of our best family & friends. Beacuse of how fast we got married we wasn't able to invite some other key people in our lives.

So we decided to have an 2nd year anniversary party (11/21/2010) day before our actually anniversary

We both have a MAJOR LOVE of HARRY POTTER - I love both the books & movies He loves the movies.

So our party will be Harry Potter themed (no wizards or witches).

So ladies if anyone has seen anything Harry Potter related - please share.