Sep 06, 2009

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I will continuously be posting to my smugmug gallery, items that are up for sale.


If you are interested in anything, please pm me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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So haha, yeah, I got my Photog Pix finally!  Yeah...




I loved my Jessica McClintock Dresses...yes, I said dresses.  After much debating and impulse buying via craigslist, I found a dress that I absolutely adored at the Jessica McClintock Outlets in Montclair and San Francisco, California.  It was, by no means, my dream Casablanca dress but they were suitable for me.  Yes, I know, the outlets are so cal and nor cal, but hey, when opportunity knocks, u answer it.


The Ladies Attire photo 1

The Ladies Attire photo 2


My reception dress was very similar to my actual wedding dress above but in all satin without the pick ups and cocktail length.  Shoes from Payless...hey, I was on a budget and to my surprise i was able to get both my Jessica McClintock dresses for about $275 WITH ALTERATIONS. Yes, brand new dresses. 

I needed a little bit of bling and some personalization so I purchased some initial pins, A for my hubby, S for me, and an N for hubby's last name.

The Ladies Attire photo 3The Ladies Attire photo 4The Ladies Attire photo 5


As for my MOHs and bridesmaids, I chose something similar in cut to my dress and something I felt they could really wear again.  Granted, it wasn't in the price range I wanted them to spend but hey, they all loved their dresses.

Maggy London

The Ladies Attire photo 6

I'll show more of my DIY'd bouquets later.


As for the flower girls, I wanted them to have the frill of being a mini princess so I found something within my budget that I thought they would love and the result:

The Ladies Attire photo 7The Ladies Attire photo 8The Ladies Attire photo 9

The great part of being an LA girl is that I know downtown like the back of my hand.  I was able to get these lovely dresses for about 12 each.

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FYI, I have TONNNNSSS of wedding stuff left over.  And by tons, I mean I got diy happy and bought a bunch of stuff before the wedding that I ended up not using as well as stuff I did use for the wedding, and surprisingly, still remained after the wedding.


I have things like flip flops, remainder of my aisle runner, pomanders, ribbon, diy invite kits, candy, jars, vases, etc.


You name it, I probably have it somewhere...haha


My wedding was in the San Gabriel Valley at Almansor Court.  My wedding colors were chocolate brown, olive / sage green, and white.


I did most of the wedding planning and decor myself with the assistance of some of my friends and family.  I'll post pix of my work later.  I did everything from the invitations to the menus, to the aisle runner, to the gazebo manzanita trees to my peony heart bed for my escort cards.  It was a fun fun fun day despite the chaos from both families but all in all, I was very pleased with my work and am happy overall with the results.

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haha, funny, I don't make a bio until AFTER my wedding. BUT PW and Weddingbee were my life for the past year and a half...helping me with every lil DIY I could ever want.


So thanks, PW...haha you made my wedding something special...can I tell ya how many compliments I got on every DIY I did for my wedding?