Jun 19, 2010

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Here is my jewelry!  I'll get pics of my jewelry with my dress in a couple of weeks - gotta have help from my BMs =)

This is Eisenberg Ice that belonged to my FMIL.  Its costume jewelry from the 60s and I love that I get to wear something that she loved to go out in!

This is what I'm wearing with my gown:

 Sparkly photo 1Keeping it simple so I don't overwhelm the embroidery on my dress

I have another set of Eisenberg Ice that I'm wearing later for our dessert party - I don't have a picture of that dress up yet - I'll have one in a couple of weeks though:

Sparkly photo 2 I love this set - but it was just too much for my gown - it looks great with my other dress though! =D

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When 2 of my BMs and I went to the planning session at our DW, we got to meet the chef who will be in charge of our event.  They set up cooking stations in a ball room and set a table and we had everything prepared right there!  Oh so yummy!

Appetizer - Penne ala Vodka - can you believe the size of this portion???

Tasting Oh soooooo yummy photo 1

Vegan appetizer - Roasted Red Pepper and Asparagus Soup

Tasting Oh soooooo yummy photo 2

Salad - Ceasar with a sundried tomato infusion - holy cow was this yummy!  They tucked the ends of the lettuce leaves through a hollowed out slice of tomato to make a bouquet!

Tasting Oh soooooo yummy photo 3

Vegan Salad - Organic greens with Champagne vinaigrette (no picture)


Entree - Chicken Breast with Blackberry-demi sauce, Filet with citrus mustard sauce, yukon gold smashed potatoes and steamed veggies.  Okay, I am not a fan of mustard sauces, but this one was soooooo good that I can't wait to have it at the wedding!

Tasting Oh soooooo yummy photo 4

Vegan Entree - Polenta stack with roasted vegetables (no picture)

Dessert - Wedding Cake:  Bottom layer, Yellow cake, tropical mango filling w/ fresh strawberries; middle layer, chocolate cake, buttercream filling w/ fresh raspberries, top layer to take home - almond cake, amaretto filling (see my inspiration pic).

Individual Vegan chocolate cake w/ vegan chocolate frosting (no picture)

Why all the vegan dishes?  My uncle, who is giving me away and helped to raise me is vegan - makes it harder to eat out together, but I love him and respect his beliefs =)

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I took a mini-vacation w/ 2 of my BMs and went to the planning session at our DW.  I was pretty sure of what I wanted until two nights before when I saw an episode of Castle on ABC that turned all my ideas upside down!  Here are screen shots from that episode, "A Rose for Everafter" Season 2, Episode 12:

Color Inspiration photo 1Color Inspiration photo 2Color Inspiration photo 3Color Inspiration photo 4

We are doing the eggplant pin-tuck linens and napkins and using the same flower colors and adding white peonies as well.  I can't wait to see it all put together!

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My shoes!  Mootsie's Tootsies Essential Sandal - got mine at DSW for $35!

Glass Slippers photo 1Glass Slippers photo 2

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Wedding, Cake

I have no idea where this cake is from, I found it browsing the PW photo gallery - please let me know if its yours so I can give you credit!

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I found FH attire for the wedding!  Sommerset Cutaway Morning Wear by Chaps Ralph Lauren

Grooms Attire photo 1