Jun 19, 2010

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My dress was probably the 20th or 30th I tried on - I lost count after a while ;)

Allure 8517 - Love her!


My Dress photo 1With the underskirt - which I will definitely be wearing =)

My Dress photo 2No underskirt in this picture

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I finally figured out how to change the settings on my camera to take pictures of the ring =)  The center stone is cushion cut, the sides are pears, there are rounds in the band on either side and chips on the front and backside of the band - its beautiful and I love it!

The Ring photo 1Ring from above

The Ring photo 2Side of the band

The Ring photo 3Back of the band

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Sometimes you find your true love when you aren't even looking for him!  Cory and I met that way, neither of us was looking for a relationship but something clicked so we went to dinner.  It took us 4 months to call each other BF/GF - we were having so much fun we didn't want to jinx it by making it an official relationship!  Its been just over 5 years now and I didn't know a relationship could be so easy - but its easy because we WORK at it everyday.  I NEVER want to take him for granted because I've had other relationships, and the second you take someone for granted, THAT is when everything falls apart. 

So the engagement is a funny story:

I was helping a friend of mine in PA try to come up with ideas for a small destination wedding.  I came across Disney's Intimate Weddings (for 18 people MAX) and she and I discussed it and ultimately discarded it (her FI's parents are older and not well enough to travel so she's doing a local wedding).  I had mentioned to Cory all the options we were looking at, Disney World, Mexico, Carribean, etc. in passing but I forgot to tell him that a destination wedding was off for her.  Cory ordered the planning DVD from Disney in an attempt to "help" but since I knew that my friend wasn't going anywhere I got the wrong idea and thought it was for US!  I asked Cory, "Are you sure you want to do it this way?"  And surprised he replied, "Sure, if that's how you want to do it!"  So according to Cory, I proposed to him - romantic huh?  LOL  So we started planning, but he insisted that it wasn't official until he got me a ring (I had my dress 3 months before I got the ring!).  He had it custom designed and I've never seen anything so beautiful - I'm trying to get pictures of it because both our moms are out-of-state but I can't seem to get it in focus!  I'll keep trying!

I'm having a blast collecting ideas and I'm looking forward to working w/ my planner who will be assigned to me sometime this month!  I'll post more when I get some pics!