Sep 27, 2013

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So originally when we had planned to have a surprise wedding this May, I had gotten a dress from Davids Bridal.  Mermaid, satin, ivory, with a ivory bolero with lots of pretty detail.  Because we were going to get married on such short notice, I had to go with a dress in store, rather than order because nothing would have gotten here on time.  The dress was pretty - but still wasn't 100% what I was looking for. Never wanted an ivory dress--I wanted white. So I was settling.

Our venue for our surprise wedding fell through, so that's when we pushed the date back to back to September 27th at the Hilton.  Now a Friday evening fall wedding, the whole amibance was changing.  The dress I had was just NOT going to do.  So I returned the dress I had gotten from David's Bridal, got my depsit back in store credit, and began the hunt again.

I was considering getting a replica made from Miss Fish Bridal but something in my gut wouldn't let me purchase that dress yet.  Something said "hold off".  So I did.

One day 2 weeks ago FI and I went out to dinner and then came home to watch tv and snuggle.  I was on eBay on my iPad and out of habit these days I start searching for anything wedding related I may need.  I decided to browse wedding gowns.  So I did my search - white, mermaid/trumpet, size 10/12.  Tons, and tons of dresses.  I came across one dress that was exactly what I was looking for.  White, lovely detail, mermaid, and even had a jacket to match (I am very self conscious of my arms).  The "buy it now" price on the dress was $900.  Starting bid was $100, with no bids yet- 5 days left on the auction.  Never worn.  Bride was selling it because she chose to go with an ivory dress instead of white (ha!). So I watched and stalked this auction like you wouldn't believe.  I refused to "buy it now" because I just knew I could get it at a lower price than the $900.  Well the day of the auction end, no bids.  I won the dress for $100, and $45 shipping.  Man oh man was I excited.  But now the true test - will this mofo fit?!?  So I wait patiently for 3 days for it to come.  It arrived this past Friday.  I tried to get it on myself but I kept getting tangled up (don't laugh..lol).  So I waited for one of my good friends/bridesmaids to come over that evening to help me try it on.

The dress is PERFECT!! Fits like a glove and absolutely no alterations needed - not even the length which surprises me because I am a shorty doo wop and at 5'3 and change, everything is too long for me.  Now don't get me wrong, I could use a little more room in the hips so I am more comfortable when I sit, but I have 6 months to work on that.  I just have to be sure not to gain any weight.

Below is the pic that was on eBay, and then pics of me in it!

My Dress finally photo 1

My Dress finally photo 2

My Dress finally photo 3

My Dress finally photo 4

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Originally I wanted tea length dresses. But now since we are having a Friday evening wedding, I chose longer gowns for a more formal and elegant look.

First picture are the 2 choices for my bridesmaids.  I had to have an option with a strap for support because out of my BM's are very top heavy. They will also be this color too.  Alfred Angelo style numbers 7185, and 7187.  Color is "Carbon"

Bridemaids Dresses photo 1

This dress is my MOH's dress (my older sister). This is by Da Vinci, and the color will be a light pink

Bridemaids Dresses photo 2

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After changing our wedding date, hopefully 3 times is a charm.  We put down our deposit and signed our contract this week.  This Hilton Garden Inn is right up the street from our house.  Brand new hotel that is less than a year old.  Located near lots of restaurants and shopping.  The hotel is actually directly attached to an indoor/outdoor shopping center (which also has a brand new movie theater).  With us having it here I never have to worry about guests being bored!

The food package we are going, and the caterer for this hotel has a very good reputation in this area.

Outside of the shopping center the hotel is attached to:

The Venue photo 1

The inside of the ballroom:

The Venue photo 2

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Web and I met on June 8, 2012.  I run a home based business doing event styling and I was hired to do an event in Cleveland, OH.  I live in Upstate New York.

Web was a front desk agent at the hotel I stayed at.  He was the first face I saw after driving 6+ hours.  I looked like a hot mess.  Hair was up in a make shift bun on top of my head, very little make up, leggings, and flip flops.  

When I walked through the door he took a double take look at me.  I noticed him as well, and how handsome he was, but as tired as I was, that was my only thought. He checked me in, keeping it professional.  I was hungry so he recommended some good restaurants that deliver.  I kindly said thank you and went to my room.

The following day I spent most of the morning setting up my event.  Once I got back to the hotel I set my hair with my rollers and remembered I needed to go to the ATM in the lobby.  So now I look like an even hotter mess than I did the day before.  Big purple rollers in my hair, NO make up, and too big tshirt and sweat pants.  While at the ATM I could hear Web's voice at the front desk.  The food I ordered the night before was REALLY good so I wanted to thank him for the recommendation. All the while forgetting I looked like a nightmare.  

We had small talk like how I was enjoying Cleveland, and about where I was from in NY etc.  He out of nowhere asks me if I was seeing anyone. I said no.  He then asked me if I was open to seeing someone.  And without hesitation I said yes.   We exchanged numbers and have never gone a day without talking since. 

Things moved really, really fast.  After a month of nightly 3+ hours phone calls, he came to visit for a week (this is July).  He came again for a couple days in August to see me off for my vacation to Jamaica, relocated to New York in September, and proposed Christmas.  We knew from the first visit/week we spent together we were going to get married. So we started kind of planning, but I didn't dive in until it was official. 

Funny fact about all this -I had a tarot card reading 4 months before we met and she predicted EVERYTHING about Web and I.  How we would meet, his personality, his line of work, and also the fact that things would move very fast. 

Wedding date is set for September 27th, 2013


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