Nov 02, 2010

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Here are a few TTD and wedding pro pic teasers by Melissa Mcclure Photography. All the rest are in the slideshow (link above) :) Enjoy!

                                                  Pro Pic Teasers photo 1

                                       Pro Pic Teasers photo 2

                                       Pro Pic Teasers photo 3

                                                    Pro Pic Teasers photo 4

                                         Pro Pic Teasers photo 5

                                         Pro Pic Teasers photo 6

                                         Pro Pic Teasers photo 7

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All photos by Melissa McClure Photography :)

DH and I were married Nov 2nd at the amazing Atlantis resort in Nassau, Bahamas. Us, our two amazing photographers, Melissa and Mandi of Melissa McClure Photography (based out of CA), and 23 of our family and friends traveled on a cruise ship with us to get there. It was a 5 day cruise, very inexpensive and that price of course included food for the guests all week! We docked in Freeport, Bahamas first and we did our TTD session. Blog here with a few photos:


The following day, we docked in Nassau (our wedding day)! DH and I got off the ship early, and got a taxi to the Atlantis resort to meet with our wedding coordinator that the resort provides with their wedding package. This includes a limo with escort to get our marriage license, our officiant, beach location, my bouquet, some additional flowers and more. The guys got ready in an amazing suite overlooking the ocean at the resort first and then the girls went to get ready.

Then we got MARRIED!!! on an amazing beach called "Cove Beach". The weather was beautiful...very hot, but there was a nice breeze at the ceremony location, coming off of the water. After the ceremony, we had a cocktail hour right there on the beach, along with our wedding cake and then we all headed back to the ship for a 6:00pm dinner seating! We were treated like a king and queen on the ship that night and it was so much fun!

Our guests can't stop talking about what a great idea it was! It cost them approximately $500 for a 5 day Caribbean vacation with food included all week. That includes air fare to get to the cruise port location. I DEFINITELY recommend this as an inexpensive way to have a DW. It is less stress on the guests, financially. We invited only 26 close family and friends and 23 came!


Here is the blog of a few of our wedding day photos:



and here is the slideshow that she put together for us, with a combination of more TTD and wedding photos:



Happy planning! :)

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Theses are their dresses in the color Clover from DB:

           For my girls photo 1For my girls photo 2For my girls photo 3

I gave them the option to wear any shoes in either silver or gold. Well, that posed an issue when I was looking to buy them all jewelery as a gift! I didn't want to get gold jewelery is one had silver shoes and vice versa. SO, FI brainstormed and thought that we should throw in a fun color, like PURPLE!!!! :) So this is what we ended up picking out for them. I think it will look great! A purple Coach wristlet and purple pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings. I bought the matching wristlet in silver for myself ;) I'm a Coach addict. I just had too!

                                      For my girls photo 4

and FI and I DIY'd the bouquets, since the florist in the Bahamas wanted to charge nearly $100 per bouquet! and the thing was, we are going back to the cruise ship after our ceremony at Atlantis and flowers can't be brought onto the boat. That was clearly a waste of money, so we DIY'd                                 

                        For my girls photo 5For my girls photo 6

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Here are a few items I have for sale (yes, even before my wedding!) :) Since we are having a small DW, we don't have a need for these items...Buyer pays shipping costs. Paypal only. Please PM me if interested :)

  • I also have a Pronovias wedding dress for sale on preownedweddingdresses.com -Below is the link to my listing. NAME YOUR PRICE and FI and I will decide if we would accept your offer!!!!!!
  • http://www.preownedweddingdresses.com/dresses/11942/Pronovias-Rio-from-San-Patrick-collection-Size-4.html


4 packs of Gartner Studios "Print Your Own" Place Cards-each pack has 48 place cards (white with silver lining)

1 of the 3 packs was opened, only to feel the texture of the paper-all 8 sheets are inside. We have no need for placecards for our small DW. I purchased for $5.99/pack. I will sell for $2.50 per pack.

FOR SALE photo 1

Flower girl basket: will sell for $10.00

This was never used but we are not having a flowergirl due to the DW :( This is so pretty. It was handmade by a good family friend and she asked me to pass it on to a friend ;) She would just like to sell for the cost of materials used. It is made of white satin or silk material with white/silver ribbon sewn around the edges and the handle is tied with silver ribbon. There are a few minor small marks (you can see in the bottom photo) from storage. They won't be seen at your wedding since they are on the bottom.

FOR SALE photo 2FOR SALE photo 3

Wedding Library Photo Album 4 piece Set: I purchased this for $24.99. I will sell it for $15.00

I do not need since I won't be having a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner to fill those albums with photos.

It is a white set with silver album titles and contains 4 albums. Each fits 3x5 inch or 4x6 inch photos. Each album holds 52 photos, total holds 208 photos.

Album #1) Bridal Shower

Album #2) Rehersal Dinner

Album #3) Wedding Day

Album #4) Honeymoon

FOR SALE photo 4




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I'm a 27year old mother of a 2.5year old little boy, Aiden :) He is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am truly blessed to be his mother and to have such a sweet, well behaved, healthy little boy. I love him so much! I'm engaged to my childhood sweetheart, Jason, who is also the father of Aiden (yay!) lol...you can read our story below if you're interested ;)

I graduated from nursing school in May 2010 and I am studying for the national NCLEX-RN exam to become a registered nurse. I was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. Although I complain about how much snow we get there and how long the winters are, I still love it! It's my home. I love the change in seasons. Fall is my favorite! but by the time the summer is over, I really begin to miss the beautiful white snow and how the air smells.

We just moved from Buffalo, New York to Erie, Pennsylvania in July. FI was accepted to a few pharmacy schools in NY and a few different states but the one he chose to attend here in PA fit him perfectly. It is also an accelerated program so he'll finish a year sooner that the typical 4yr programs.

I just got a job offer to be a labor+delivery nurse at a big hospital here in PA!!! I am so excited. I start at the end of August. I always knew that I wanted to be an OB nurse. I knew before I started nursing school and when I delivered my son, I had such a great relationship with my nurse so it only solidified that decision for me. I feel they play a critical role in the new lives of the mom and baby.

I love a lot of things! I love my family. Family is the most important thing to me. I love my friends, and chocolate, singing and shopping. I also have a weird addiction to post-its, school supplies, stationary and organizing! I can spend hours in Office Max! :) I love pasta, bread....all the Italian favs ;) I love Presque Isle state park peninsula here in PA. I love taking pictures, Reese cups, reading books with my son, going for walks, watching movies, going out to dinner, Christmas, learning, fresh flowers, Tim Horton's coffee every morning (a northeastern US thing) ;)

One thing I wish I could change about myself:

I love starting new craft projects but I never finish any of them :( Ughhhhh! So frustrating!

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These were fun to make!!! They will go into the guest's OOT bag with two wine glasses, since we are only haveing a cocktail hour. My inspiration came from our lovely Tovaqt ;)

              DIY Wine Charms photo 1 DIY Wine Charms photo 2

                                              DIY Wine Charms photo 3

                            DIY Wine Charms photo 4