Jul 10, 2010

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We booked our wedding at a GORGEOUS country club in Harvard, MA called Shaker Hills Golf Club and put the deposit down.  About 4 months later...the dreaded call..

The directer of wedding services was going to be leaving the club and they would no longer be having weddings at the facility anymore!!!!!

Luckily, 2 weeks later we got a full refund and found our new site on the same day!  We are now getting married in Boxboro, MA and its a gorgeous indoor garden! We are so excited we don't even need to worry about unpredictable July weather!

The Venue photo 1

The Venue photo 2

The Venue photo 3

The Venue photo 4

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The ceremony and reception will both be held here

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So we had talked about marriage a few time before the big proposal, but nthing completely in depth at all.  So the date was October 6, 2007 (which also happened to be my parent's 23 wedding anniversary).  This was a weekend i was home from college to visit my family and to go to the annual Oktoberfest in my town.  It is a huge event with vendors and crafts and fun stuff to do downtown, they block off all the streets and its just a really great time.  In the evening they have a live band perform with fun stuff to do with the kids and glowsticks all around.  It's alot of fun for every age group basically.  Then, after all these festivities, there are fireworks that go off to close the day.  So Adam and I went to the fireworks with my parents and sister.  Once we got there we went off and hung out with my friends and all caught up.  When the fireworks started, Adam took me down to the lake where they were shooting the fireworks off a barge.  He turned toward me and said, "so, you serious about wanting to get married someday?"  I said yes wondering why he was randomly asking me that, and before I knew it he was down on one knee!  All i could say was "oh my god, no!!"  (out of suprise, not saying no of course!) He asked me to marry him and i just shouted "yes!".  All my friends we clapping and gasping and it was awesome to share that moment with them all there.  Now, the Oktoberfest in my town is our special day :)

A picture of us right after we got engaged!

The Proposal photo 1

And, the ring!!

The Proposal photo 2

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Adam and I have known each other for about three and a half years.  In June of 2006, I was in high school and working at Gamestop part-time.  I was only hired to help out the manager since he was a friend, just to cover a few shifts a week.  After working there for abut 2 weeks, i was told there was going to be a new assistant manager starting next week.  He had apparently already worked for the company previously and was coming back.  So, the new assistant manager walked through the door, I was introduced to him as Adam and just went on my merry way back home since my shift was over. 

The next time I saw Adam, he told me that the manager told him to look me up on myspace before coming to work since i was a cute girl.  Apparently Adam agreed because we couldn't stop talking our whole shift at work.  We talked about everything you could ever imagine, and this was the first day we really talked!  I guess it was just a connection right from the start because less than a week later we were dating and the rest is history...

Here is the first ever picture of us together

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