Jan 09, 2010

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I´m german my FI ist spanish. So we will have a spanish wedding and my family don´t speak spanish. For that we will translate them the speach on this paper fans

Not ready yet just for the impression

Programms photo 1


Programms photo 2Programms photo 3

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Sparklers and Shooters photo 1  Sparklers and Shooters photo 2

 I love the idea of sparklers

Update: Our venue is not going to allow us the sparklers boooooooooooooooooooo =(

Sparklers and Shooters photo 3Sparklers and Shooters photo 4

Sparklers and Shooters photo 5

On our wedding

Sparklers and Shooters photo 6




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Sash DIY photo 1Sash DIY photo 2

Sash DIY photo 3Sash DIY photo 4

Sash DIY photo 5

Making the sash costs me 4 hours and a lot of my nervs =)

But it went out really well.

For the wedding I added 2 flowers, which I bought at H&M for 2€ per piece.

The total costs of the sash are under 10 € / 15 dollars.

Here how it had it on the wedding:


Sash DIY photo 6

My MOH helping me

Sash DIY photo 7

The flower I added


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Parasol DIY photo 1Parasol DIY photo 2

Parasol DIY photo 3Parasol DIY photo 4

We are planning to give every guest/family a thank you card after the wedding. For that I made the Thank you Parasol.

Here how it turns out. We made the fotos on the terrace of the hotel.

Parasol DIY photo 5Parasol DIY photo 6

Here our Thank-You Cards I love them


Parasol DIY photo 7Parasol DIY photo 8


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Favors photo 1




My FMIL draws paintings and she had offered us to draw favors for all the female guests.

Today we have cut them(90 pc.)

here the result

Favors photo 2Favors photo 3

Favors photo 4Favors photo 5

Favors photo 6Favors photo 7

Favors photo 8Favors photo 9

Favors photo 10


Favors photo 11

On the wedding

The father of my DH gave every men a cigar, which is quite a tradition in Spain. We were in a store for cigars and talked to the sales assistant what kind of cigars we should buy. There is a huge difference, I was once on a spanish wedding, where they served Cohibas. This is quite crazy a Cohiba could cost you 20-40€. We came to the result to buy cigars for 2 €(3,5 dollar or more) per piece.

The cousins of my husband gave every girl a frame with the drawings of my FMIL.

Favors photo 12

Favors photo 13

Favors photo 14



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Give me some Champagne photo 1   and Give me some Champagne photo 2Give me some Champagne photo 3done


I bought 1 glas of 50 pc. on and I love this idea.



How it works for a wedding?!

Before serving the cake the waiters served the glases with the hibiscus flowers. I prepared for every table glases with the flowers for every girl.

It is a really good idea, because the restaurant was cutting the cake meanwhile the girls were putting the flowers in the flutes and later the waiters put the Champagne in the flutes.

We prepared a notice for the girls about what they have to do with the hibiscus flowers in spanish and german.

These are pics from a friend who was on our wedding.

Give me some Champagne photo 4  Give me some Champagne photo 5


Give me some Champagne photo 6