May 11, 2012

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To go with my purple theme, I saw this BM dress that I loved!

It's After Six Bridesmaid Style 6574

BM Dresses photo 1

I also really liked this one, it is a Donna Morgan chiffon dress I saw on Nordstrom.com

BM Dresses photo 2

BM Dresses photo 3

I believe these styles will be flattering on all of my bridesmaids!


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Well it's been too long since I've been on here, probably because I was waiting for my boyfriend to pop the question! hehe

It started with me getting sick the first few days at the beginning of the week. We were planning on taking a trip to Los Angeles over the weekend, but we decided against it since I was still feeling lousy. Matty then asked if I wanted to go to San Francisco instead and he was asking a bunch of his family if they wanted to come with us too. I said yes, that sounded great. So we all drove to the Japanese Tea Gardens and walked around for awhile enjoying the scenery when we stopped for a photo op in front of an archway. All his family got their cameras out and took some shots and I noticed everyone had their camera held up all at the same time. This was slightly odd to me, and I remember saying, "Wow I feel like it's the paparazzi!" Then I felt Matty grab my hand and when I turned to him he was starting to lower and it was then I knew what was going on.

Matty said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and asked me to marry him! I said yes and the rest is history!

I m Engaged photo 1

Here is another photo of us.....I think this is before he asks me.

I m Engaged photo 2

I think we are moving our wedding date to sometime in 2012, so it will be a slightly longer engagement. But until that day I will keep looking on here for great ideas!

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Soooo, I was thinking purple will be our main signature color, along with greys and ivorys to contrast and tone it down. Here is one inspiration board photo I loved!

Colors photo 1


****If I am using anyone's images and I haven't given you credit, please let me know and I will absolutely credit you!!****

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Matty and I met at work. It is actually kind of funny because for the first two years we worked there, we only said "Hi" in passing and that was the extent of our relationship. Finally, on one warm summer day, when I was off work a bit early, I noticed Matty near my car collecting shopping carts. I went over to him and said hello and asked him if he wanted some teddy grahams and soda that were in my car.....needless to say they were both pretty warm at this point. He politely refused, and from that point on I knew we were going to have more fun conversations. Matty is a very witty guy.

So over the next few months we exchanged AIM screen names and continued chatting there on our spare time. We eventually started going to group outings with other coworkers and we finally got to know each other on a more personal level. It was a great few months getting to know him and always laughing with him.

Matty finally asked me to be exclusive and that day fell on September 17th, 2005, our anniversary.

On a side note, I call my FH Matty because it just so happens that my brother's name is Matthew as well, so to distinguish between them, I needed to call him something slightly different.

Lately, I've been hinting that I would like to get married and the sooner the better. The catch is I don't want to just elope in Vegas. I want a wedding ceremony with all of our friends and family to be there to celebrate and show their support. So we know we will get married, we just aren't really sure when. It's just the financial aspect that we need to take care of....and him actually asking me. But one thing is for sure, when that day does arrive, it is going to be one amazing celebration!! I cannot wait! So until then, I will be looking on here for ideas and to offer help and support.