Jun 12, 2010

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My side:

Cam and I were first introduced by our mutual friend Arianne Lyons. Ari and I went to college together and she and Cam worked in the same commerical real estate office.

Since I had just moved to Redondo Beach, Ari suggested that I come out with her and some of her friends for a night of fun on the town. That's when I met Cam.

Cam was crazy and loud and completely adorable. I had so much fun getting to know him that night. I know it sounds cliche' and I swore it could never happen, but I knew after our first introduction that, for me, he was truly someone I wanted to spend forever with.

It took some time, but our friendship grew into something more. Then finally one night Cam came to me and we laid it all on the line. From that day forward, we have been together ever since and after almost two years of dating we are now planning our dream wedding.

I feel truly blessed to have found such a wonderful and amazing person and I am so excited the we will be joined as husband and wife in front of all of our family and friends June 12, 2010.

Cam's side:

I knew from the moment I met Brooke that there was truly something very special about her.   Those big beautiful green eyes don't lie.    Brooke and I went on our first date about a  month after we first met on a Wednesday night at a little place in Riviera Village called Gina Lee's Bistro.   I remember the date vividly.   We had a wonderful bottle of Byron Pinot Noir and we each had the Mahi Mahi.   The conversation over dinner was unlike any other date I have ever had.   It was so easy and comfortable.   Brooke looked absolutely stunning.   She had curled her hair and was wearing a brand new cute white top that she had picked out specially for the date.   After our date we took a walk on the beach and she gave me a little kiss and sent me on my way home.   I spent the whole night laying in bed thinking about her.   I thought, "that was the best date I've ever had."   I couldn't wait to see her again and she consumed all my thoughts.    We started dating exclusively from that week on and both knew it was something very special and unique.  
Nothing has changed from the moment I met Brooke until now.   In fact, my love for her continues to grow as our relationship and bond strengthens.   I truly believe we are soul mates and love her more and more each day.   She is truly someone special and I cant wait to spend the rest of my life with her.