Jun 05, 2007

Glamour Closet
( 4.0 / 5.0 )
I found a wonderful dress at Glamour Closet. I loved that you didn't have to make an appointment and that you weren't limited in the number of dresses you could try. The sales people were helpful and unpretentious, and didn't try to sell you something that didn't look right. I have recommended this store to everyone I know. HOWEVER, the seamstress recommended by Glamour Closet (and the one who comes to the store), Julie of Frances Clare Sewing, was disastrous. She nearly ruined my dress, cutting far too much fabric (an extra inch) when she was shortening the shoulder straps. There was no way to add fabric back in without it looking really cheap so this was a big deal. Taking the straps up too much caused the waist to sit too high as well, which pulled on other seams. Julie's solution to this problem (after telling me that I had wanted it this way) was to cut additional fabirc which would have changed the line of the dress even further. She also charged me for hemming the linings of my dress when all she did was cut the fabric. She didn't put in any kind of hem and the fabric was left fraying and unfinished, and she acted like it was a big deal to actually do the hem I paid for. Even then the bias tape used on the hem wasn't the same all the way around. I do recommend Glamour Closet, but definitely have your alterantions done elsewhere. Lora Dukler (on West Portal, and well worth the drive) fixed the many mistakes made by Julie, inside a week. This was no small feat as it required express ordering two additional hairpieces, the pearls and crystals of which Lora used to cover the sections of fabirc that had to be added in at the shoulder straps. And yet, Lora still charged less than Julie of Frances Clare.
Services used: Dress & Attire