Feb 28, 2014

After many attempts to try and get married, it is finally happening in 2014... and now we have a beautiful little girl and a brand new baby boy to be with us.. can't wait. Having a very intimate wedding here in Ireland...
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Well I have to say our baby girl Freya (pronounced Fray-a) has arrived in this world, and what an amazing day that turned out to be.. i always thought my wedding day whenever it will be will be, would best day of my life, but i don't think any day in my life again will ever be better than the day my baby girl arrived. She totally takes my breath away, i have never felt a love like it.. i would chop off my limbs for her.

Have no idea now when we will have our wedding, but I am sure once things settle down again and we find our feet, the wedding will be back on the menu!!

I have included a pic of her, my little princess!!

Our Baby Girl has arrived photo 1

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Well girls,


Unfortunately our wedding is postponed, but for a good reason. My beau and I are expecting a baby in January, 2 days before my birthday. So being so close to our wedding date we decided to cancel, to give ourselves sometime with our new arrival.  We are soo excited, and can't wait to meet the baby.

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So I came across Birthday Bride's wedding pics, and I fell in love with her up do from her second day's ceremony. So thanks B'day bride, i have finally found the hairstyle after months of trolling!!

Hair Style photo 1Hair Style photo 2

I have also seen this hair style which is quite similar that i like also, so will have to show the hairdresser what I hope to achieve, although shouldn't be a problem.

Hair Style photo 3


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Absolutely love love love these shoes.  I have ordered them and they fit perfectly. So these should go beautifully with the dress, and luckily the heel is a perfect height for me.

Shoes photo 1


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Well we had our engagement party... the house was jammed with people!! Unfortunately it rained so we had to stay indoors!! We had a great day, my FI really enjoyed himself and I had a ball.


Engagement Party photo 1          Engagement Party photo 2

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On the 18th July 2009, we picked up my beautiful engagement ring. I burst out crying in the jewellers, but it was one of the happiest days


My little piece of heaven photo 1