Oct 09, 2010

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:::The Couple:::

Sarah and Adam met in college in 2003.  They started dating near the middle of their sophomore year, and they have went through a lot together.  That summer, they both worked at Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH, before going their separate ways.  Adam stayed in St. Louis and interned for a local company, and Sarah adventured to Spain with a study abroad program.  When they reunited 5 months later, their relationship picked up where it left off.  After graduation, Sarah and Adam moved in together, and started working in the St. Louis area.  After 5 years of dating, Adam finally popped the question at a semi-surprise party that was being thrown for HIS birthday.  All of their closest friends were there, and the birthday party became a impromptu engagement party.

:::Our Wedding - October 9, 2010:::

Sarah does some minor event planning for work, and Adam is an engineer.  So while Sarah's focused on the details, Adam is focused on the practicality.  We both want to spend as much time with our guests as possible.  Here's the layout of the wedding:

Ceremony:  Morning, Piper Palm House

Reception: Afternoon: Turkish Pavilion in Tower Grove Park

After Party: Evening, Cabin Inn at the City Museum

:::Upcoming Wedding Goals:::

By August 18: 

  • Have the locations reserved and contracts & deposits taken care of

By August 31: 

  • Have the wedding party chosen.
  • Talk with our friend who will be marrying us.
  • Color palate decided.

By September 5th:

  • Completed Save the Dates - figure out if we want to send w/ christmas cards or other.
  • Create "To-Do" list for next year.

By October 1st:

  • Start dress shopping.