Jul 25, 2009

Kate Baker Floral Design
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
I had read some positive reviews on this site and was happy to read that she was attentive to brides on tight budgets. I went to her online proposal site, spent a good deal of time with my particulars and filled it all out. I waited a few days and then I called and left a message. I did this in June, and I know that is a busy month so I waited another week and called again. Left a second detailed message. I never received an email and never received a call back. I left 2 call back numbers both times to be helpful. No one is that good that a simple call back or email can not be sent. I had 2-3 other florists who dropped off after initial conversations; I'll mention that in reviews on their listings but I give them credit for a half-try. I'm shocked that many of you actually got in contact with her - but I'm happy for you! I'd like to think that her office voicemail system went down for the month of June, or my email just thought she was spam. A great mystery indeed.
Services used: Flowers

Simply Natural Events
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I can't say enough how wonderful Carole & Annette of Simply Natural were. I had a budget of 2K for church wedding, small bridal party and reception for 69 people in Marina del Rey. I needed design assistance big time; I had a very general idea but no real color or theme. Other florists I had contacted 1) didn't return my inquiry or just dropped off without saying they could not help me i.e. budget 2) gave me very little help conceptually about my flowers - I am coming to them to see what they can do w/my budget but they seemed to want me to do the work first, so if you are not sure what you want or what flowers work I found that their creativity was only creative if you had perhaps more of a budget. Carole met me same week i had contacted her, and came to see me at my office - what a treat! She looked at my pictures and listened to me & already started to offer some ideas. She got my big picture & made it so beautiful. I know Simply Natural is mostly known for it's great coordination and it is true! I did the day of coordination with them as well and I could not have done it without them. I can not say enough how easy these ladies are to work with - lovely creative women! Thanks!!!
Services used: Wedding Planning

Andrea Steele
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Andrea did my hair & makeup for my wedding on July 25, 2009. She was terrific & oh so kind. A story to illustrate. I had a giant hitch on my wedding day - when my dressmaker was zipping me up that morning, the zipper broke.. So that's how the day began! Anyway, Andrea was so cool that though I was late to my sister's hotel where I was going to get ready, she started working on my sister. We were half way done when the dressmaker showed up to start sewing me into my dress. Andrea had to finish my makeup & hair while working around me standing up & maneuvering around the dressmaker. It was fairly chaotic at times but she kept working calmly & professionally. She is quite busy so I noticed she didn't get my voicemails or emails right away but not to worry - she always did get in contact. Be happy to talk to anyone about her if you want to drop me a note. Oh, and I'm not a big makeup person, but I did not want to wash my face or undo my hair that night- I never have looked so good in my life! She isn't working at MAC anymore so you have to meet her at her place in the Valley, though, maybe she would come to you- I never asked for the trial.
Services used: Beauty & Health