Sep 12, 2009

Carciofi Design
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I want to start off with my first impression of this place, it was way to expensive for my budget... but Caroline quickly worked with me to make the invitation something I could afford, and not only what I could afford what I wanted... in colors, style, in everything!!! With the 700 emails that we sent each other each day (a little exaggeration there) she was patient and responded to each one... regardless of my worry or my question. Then the day came for them to arrive. I have two children that had a rehearsal that day along with another kid, so three kids in all and it was pouring that day... bottom fell out... got home and saw a nice big CARDBOARD box at my door step... SOAKED... I opened the back door told the girls to get themselves out, shut the door and come in... as I got to the front door my heart stopped... I shook the box of the excess water that was on it quickly took it inside and panicked.. opened the box (heart is still not beating at this point) and Caroline made sure that everything was packaged nicely... everything was wrapped in plastic so wonderfully!!! Nothing got wet... (Heart just now coming back to life)!!! And beyond the beautiful packaging the invites are the most beautiful things every!! Thank you!
Services used: Invitations