Jun 06, 2009

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John and I met 3 years ago.  2 years for dating, 1 for planning our gorgeous wedding!  I loved my wedding. I loved my wedding.  I loved my wedding.  There I don't know if I can say it enough.

Since we are both working professionals (John at a Studio, me in Advertising), we had to hire someone to plan our day which was the greatest choice I made. We hired Center of Attention Events who was recommended to me by a friend.  They made planning my Wedding so fun.  All I had to do was show up. They took care of all of the details.

Our reception was in a large house (not mansion but large house) overlooking Malibu.  I love the ocean and knew this was a must.  John is scared to death of it so a nice far view was perfect for both of us.

We had a good friend of our perform our wedding ceremony which was the perfect way not to cause friction with our families and their very different religious views. The ceremony was sweet, short and filled with music from our friends.  We wanted our ceremony to be a celebration of our whole life and friends so having a large bridal party and close friends perform and read poetry helped incumbus everyone.

The receptions was gorgous and filled with live music.  We brought in a band that Michele had organized from pickup artists.  This way our friends could join in as well.  Can you tell alot of our friends are muscians.

Now we are excited to be on our next journey of marriage together.  We look forward to a house full of children laughing and smells of family dinner cooking.