Jan 01, 2016

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The plan was to set the room up so that it looked like this w/deep red pintuck linens or a candy apple red linen.  

So many ideas swirling in my head photo 1       

So many ideas swirling in my head photo 2    So many ideas swirling in my head photo 3         


With red roses and red orchids. 

                   So many ideas swirling in my head photo 4        So many ideas swirling in my head photo 5


and more cake So many ideas swirling in my head photo 8

                           So many ideas swirling in my head photo 9

Ok, let's just pretend that that frame DOES NOT say Dracula, but instead said "BRIDE"  LMAO

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I worked with a vendor overseas using my old product development background and got them to recreate the Z.Gallerie bling votive replica:

My DIY corner photo 1 

They landed on American soil for the 1st time in April 2010 thanks to 9 very determined brides!  There are now over a 1000 of these little guys running on the wedding circuit here in PW land and matching items that 2 other groups have brought to fruition since then! 






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*setting table with all my wedding decor and details*

BFF:  "I see what direction you're going in with this decor now..."

Me:  "Yeah, Old Hollywood Glamour meets Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra, right?

BFF:  "Mmmmmm, yeah, but its more...sexy like..."  *she's thinking*

BFF:  "....Agent Provocateur.  That's it!"

My BFF nicknamed my wedding this when I showed her all my design elements and decor.  So I ran with it. 

I have a ton of large black ostrich feathers that were going to be a part of my centerpiece focal points that will also be for sale.


This was going to be my bouquet

My Agent Provocateur Wedding photo 1

I was also going to add touches of black & white stripe ribbon to my decor

The Bridesmaid's bouquets in particular with this type of ribbon (no white flowers though)

My Agent Provocateur Wedding photo 3My Agent Provocateur Wedding photo 4

 My girls initial brooches attached to their bouquets.  The flash does these no justice, they're so sparkley! 



Reception Centerpieces

The venue we booked had a high tented ceiling with crystal chandeliers, so we were going to have high and low centerpieces for the tables. 

42 of these mini vases:

And the low centerpieces are a distressed mercury glass apothecary jar.  I bought 7 of these:

My Agent Provocateur Wedding photo 7


It kind of looks like a spotted black in the above pic (because of the flash from my camera), but its actually a speckled silver mirror finish.  I would have been using all black bacarra, grand prix, and freedom roses. 

My Agent Provocateur Wedding photo 8


I was inspired by these photos of another wedding and I love the little beaded lamps:

My Agent Provocateur Wedding photo 17My Agent Provocateur Wedding photo 18

So I bought these:



Escort Card Table

I really like the look of this escort card arrangement, so I have a escort card box that would of been filled w/red flowers and place the card holders inside like the pic below. 

My Agent Provocateur Wedding photo 20

With the escort card holders like these pictured in black:



Since there were touches of black/white stripe, I decided to use an umbrella with stripes for pics.  I think know I found the idea from KCollette of the stripe pagoda umbrella. 

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Red, Black, and silver accents 

My theme wedding photo 1My theme wedding photo 2My theme wedding photo 4My theme wedding photo 3

An Old Hollywood Glamour wedding inspired by this photo. 

My theme wedding photo 5