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If you need any ideas on how I had planned to use my decor, see my bio below the for sale section.  I've finally opened up my bio to be public so I can hopefully inspire another bride.

SOLD 20 Bling Votives $3 each + shipping

Wedding Decor for Sale BRAND NEW photo 1


SOLD 6 bling hurricanes $12 each + shipping

Wedding Decor for Sale BRAND NEW photo 2


SOLD 3 Bling votive lamps $12 each + shipping 

Wedding Decor for Sale BRAND NEW photo 3


SOLD  26 silver chargers w/raised bead $1.00 each + shipping

Wedding Decor for Sale BRAND NEW photo 4


42 silver mercury mini bud vases $3 each + shipping  (2in Diameter x 4in Height)



They actually look like this on a table(below pictured).  You can put mini size arrangements like this inside them.


7 mercury like short vases $20 each + shipping  (approximately 7 inches tall pictured above in center w/roses)

Wedding Decor for Sale BRAND NEW photo 6


8 black glass trumpet vases (sorry for the fingerprints on this one, I was trying not to drop it.  I promise all of them are still wrapped in original tissue and boxes!) $18 each + shipping  (24 inches in height)

Wedding Decor for Sale BRAND NEW photo 7


SOLD  - 30 feet of Diamond roll wrap $75 for the entire roll + shipping (this is a steal considering I paid over $100 for it)

Check out Baybride's reception table decor decorated w/it in her video highlight ----> http://vimeo.com/24495859

Wedding Decor for Sale BRAND NEW photo 8


17 black baroque frames (average size is 4x6 for table numbers) $5.00 each + shipping These have assorted styles, an average of 2 or 3 of these shown styles

Wedding Decor for Sale BRAND NEW photo 9 

Wedding Decor for Sale BRAND NEW photo 10


SOLD - Silver Cake and knife serving set $40 + shipping

Wedding Decor for Sale BRAND NEW photo 11


150 black plastic escort card holders $30 for ALL + shipping (these have been spray painted a matte black, it looks sort of gray because of the flash but I promise they are pitch black)

Wedding Decor for Sale BRAND NEW photo 12


SOLD - My red cardbox $50 + shipping.  You can add your own signage Wedding Decor for Sale BRAND NEW photo 13


Silver with swarovski crystal monogram brooches letters: V, A, G, L, S ----> $15 each + shipping

Wedding Decor for Sale BRAND NEW photo 1


Red Jessica Simpson "Brooke" pump size 7 (this shoe is true to size) BRAND NEW never opened or tried on, bought them for my MOH to go with her dress.  $75 + shipping

Wedding Decor for Sale BRAND NEW photo 2


SOLD - Forever 21 Rhinestone chandeliers $5.00 each + shipping (pair at the end on the left is no longer available)

Wedding Decor for Sale BRAND NEW photo 3

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My wedding has been cancelled.  I plan on selling all of my things.  Look for all of my stuff on the classifieds soon. 


Out of respect for my feelings through this difficult time, please refrain from commenting on this message with words of sympathy.  No pun intended.



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This is PAGE 3 taken from MY "Aisle File" Newsletter that I wrote for my BM's.  This pretty much sums it up about which direction I was going for for their look - A charcoal, smokey grey and sparkley brooches. 

The Bomb Diggity x4 right next to me photo 1

Red shoes with the dark silver dresses was going to make the look more edgey.  I was really inspired by this photo to show how good it would look together. 

SJP on the cover of my latest issue of Elle magazine January 2011:

The Bomb Diggity x4 right next to me photo 2

Thanks to Jennifer25 for sending me her file template to create my newsletter and Kalenalena for renaming it "The Aisle File".  Sharing is caring and there is so much LOVE to spread around PW!!! I had something to document my wedding planning and can refer back to for the girls.

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On my quest to find a knife and server that didn't scream "wedding", I stumbled on this set from Ambrosia's bio.

I Love You Like a Fat Kid Loves Cake photo 1 

Aside from showcasing them at the wedding to slice and serve the wedding cake, I had plan on using these bad boys on as much cake and pie I can get after the wedding!

Oh did I forget the cake?  Yeah, since I was on this stripe touch, the cake was to look similar to this with 3 tiers and adding red roses to it:


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"oh yeah girl, I said it!!" around the world & back *snap, snap!*

I'm a makeup artist so I'm VERY picky (ok, that's not fair to say.  Most of us brides are! LOL!!) when it comes to this department.  I get asked often "so who's going to do YOUR MAKEUP for the wedding?"  I don't know how to answer this, but the only thing I can say is "may God have mercy on their soul" to whoever I hire because I may eat her/him alive!  *enter evil laugh here* LOL

But some beautiful makeup ideas I have are here:

The gorgeous Mrs. Naomi Pajon (she married the guitarist George Pajon of the Black Eyed Peas):

The beauty department photo 1

The beauty department photo 2

I love her peineta!  I'd wear one too but my wedding is more old hollywood glamour than it is spanish themed. 

And of course, who doesn't love Kim Kardashian?  I love the look her makeup artist created for her for the Golden Globes this year:

:::::::::A "HAIRY" SITUATION::::::::::::

I wanted to incorporate flowers in my hair in an updo or do a sidebun with "Gatsby" inspired finger waves on the side like Kate's. 

ooooh laaa laaa.....



Or this chic!  Isn't she stunning??  I love her 'do so much.

Images courtesy of Paco and Betty Photography                                                              

I would've taken my hair down after the ceremony to have a sexy Old Hollywood siren makeup look and down 'do for the reception like Kim Kardashian 

I would've been doing my own makeup, but I still was going to hire a professional to handle my 'do!

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I love sparkley, ginormous(that's an understatement lol), elaborately ornate and gawdy headpieces (or fascinator - whatever you want to call it)!!! 

Here's my inspirations: 

Dude where s my headpiece photo 1Dude where s my headpiece photo 2Dude where s my headpiece photo 3

I love anything organic and nature-like for hair accessories!!

More bling please.....

I spent $35 at Forever Love the other day on JUST earrings.  I couldn't decide which rhinestone drops I wanted, so I just cleared out their whole rhinestone earring section.  I know, I'm a little excessive. 

These are all for sale except for the pair on the left at the end.

Dude where s my headpiece photo 4Dude where s my headpiece photo 5

with flash                                                                  without flash


This is my bracelet.  It was custom made by Haute Bride to include the main center stone/brooch as pictured (RED.  Can you say GORGEOUS?!), but the links/brooches to connect it around the bracelet are more petite and feminine.  This one in the picture was too large like a cuff for my taste.  It will be for sale as soon as I take a picture of it. 

Dude where s my headpiece photo 6