May 01, 2010

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The day was amazing, and even more than I ever dreamt it would be!

More pictures are available at

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Final Updates:

I'm almost over my cold! Weekend before the wedding & WHAM fever, sore throat, stuffy nose... and I haven't even been stressing or missing sleep! *until tonight, lol, haven't been up this late in ages!

Don't buy from ThePaperBar on Etsy- she will short you 75 favor bags the week of your wedding!! Lol, looks like we'll be stuffing favors the night before our big day!!

Do buy from: for your cake topper. We found our exact same topper at a florist for $125, got it online for $29!!! It is so beautiful in person!

Last Minute Updates photo 1


The cake has been ordered, and we get 4 tiers!!! From most to least- Red Velvet, Chocolate with Raspberry Jam & Bavarian Cream, Marble with Cappuccino & Vanilla with Banana Frosting. We also found out that on our 1st anniversary they'll make us a new top tier in any flavor of our choice! Yumm-o!!


I got my jewelry... seriously don't wait till the last minute! I saw a review about White Aisle and their super fast shipping, so I ordered from them and totally don't like it :-( The pearls are actually a lot more white than they appear in the picture... I've fallen in love with a new $150 necklace at... wait for it... CostCo! It's a triple strand off white/ivoryishk pearl necklace. I'm begging my FI to get it for me as a wedding gift, lol! If that falls through, I'm going to borrow a single strand from my mom.

Last Minute Updates photo 2


Today I went on a hunt for my "something blue" and got a cute pair of "bride" undies at VS! On sale 3 for $30! Can't find a picture online :-(

Since we're bringing our own wine & w/o a corking fee, we've been searching for budget friendly wines that actually taste good & we finally made our decisions this past weekend. We now have 3 cases of red wine, 2.5 cases of white and 21 bottles of champagne in our living room! I ordered custom wine labels online and they finally arrived today... and slightly green. Grrr! But what can I do. I'm a habitual procrastinator with only a few days to go!!

A few hours ago my mom brought me a broach of my great grandma's and said too bad it wouldn't go on my dress, but instead I showed her a picture of my dress I'd found ages ago with a broach & she agreed it would look great! The one I'm borrowing is gold with a giant pearl in the middle.

Last Minute Updates photo 3


I narrowed down my hair inspirations & did my trial today... it came out ok, but then fell out a few hours later :-/ we just did a fast practice run bc I also got a trim & a few highlightes. She kinda veered away from my pix, so on Saturday I have to make myself more firm! Wish me luck?

Last Minute Updates photo 4Last Minute Updates photo 5Last Minute Updates photo 6


What still needs done: about 50 favor bags- stuff, hole punch, tie with ribbon. Taking the labels off of our wine bottles & re-labeling them... My mom wanted us to make programs, I even wrote them... however I'm pretty doubtfull they'll get printed... I didn't really want them anyways... and that's about it. I can't believe by this time Saturday, I'll be a Mrs!!

Maybe I'll get some sleep soon? Lol!

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We wanted something to fit our outdoors theme, and to be eco friendly as well, and ended up deciding on personalized seed packets. They arrived, and they need help! So now we're going to doctor them up a little, here is the new plan:

What we thought we ordered:

Wedding Favors photo 1

What we got:

Wedding Favors photo 2


So now we're going to put them in these bags:

Wedding Favors photo 3

And we'll put in some DIY Hershey's Kisses, like this:

Wedding Favors photo 4

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I went to my 2nd fitting today and it went pretty well! Still a little too long, but overall, I'm excited!

Here is a picture from my 1st fitting of the train:

Almost Done photo 1

This is from my 2nd fitting:

Almost Done photo 2

And this is of my bustle:

Almost Done photo 3

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I want something simple with flowers and lots of candles! Being that we'll be outdoors at night I think the candles will look really great! I'm also debating using mason jars?

Centerpieces photo 1Centerpieces photo 2Centerpieces photo 3Centerpieces photo 4Centerpieces photo 5Centerpieces photo 6Centerpieces photo 7Centerpieces photo 8Centerpieces photo 9

and I would like to do something just like this, but more pink/gold for our sweatheart table

Centerpieces photo 10

Here is a picture from our venue of a guestbook table- I'd like to do something like this too:

Centerpieces photo 11

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