Aug 30, 2007

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So we had been dating for a few years now and I was ready to take the next step. Only I didn't want to push Jerome into doing something he didn't want to do. So I told him that I had a deadline years from now. Only I wasn't going to tell him when that was. He responded that he wasn't ready. So ok, that's that.

One day we were going to go meet up with one of his friends for a celebration dinner for his friends getting into dental school. We HAD to dress up. So were're stuck in traffic on a Saturday near Berkeley when our friend calls to cancel. A HALF HOUR before we have to meet. WTH? So the first clue was that he didn't get mad at his friend.

Flaking out is a huge pet peeve of his. I'm starting to question why he didn't get mad and he's trying to deflect my questions...

So we end up at Crustacean's and have dinner. He said, we might as well. Anyways, the staff were looking at me funny. Ha! Clue #2.

But I didn't want to get my hopes up and feel stupid.

We eat and the maitre'd gives me a ginourmous fortune cookie and gives a spiel about how it is free and they're trying out a new dessert. I'm like OK. Maybe the ring is in inside. NO.
Inside had a fortune that said that I had a big decision to make. I turn, and Jerome is on his knees. Of course I said yes!

Apparently the night wasn't over. We drive over to the Mark Hopkins and brings me to a room lit with soft candlelight and rose petals throughout the room. There he presents me with two dresses and a pair of shoes for the next phase of the engagement. I choose the cute Bebe kimono dress and we go upstairs for cocktails. In the elevator, I muse about how I wish my best friends were here so I could tell them. He smirks and as the door opens, I see my best friend and open entering the Top of the Mark, a group of more friends!

So that night, in addition to a surprise engagement, I got a surprise engagement party with our close friends and family.

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Boy meets girl in third grade. Girl doesn't like boy because boy is a teacher's pet. Boy beat girl in third grade spelling bee.
Boy then goes to different junior and high school than girl.
Boy meets girl in college. Boy and girl become friends.
Boy dates girl in sophmore year. Boy breaks up with girl four months later.
Boy and girl are no longer friends.
Boy and girl become friends again senior year.
Girl graduates on time. Boy graduates next year.
Boy and girl start dating again on Boy's graduation.