Aug 28, 2010

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More to come... and more comments on photographer too.......

Pro Pic Teaser photo 1

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Since both FI and I are Chinese, we wanted to honor some Chinese customs and do a modern tea ceremony.  This is the Chinese Dress I will be wearing.  My mom thought I looked like a waitress at a restaurant, so she hand-sewed gold beadings on the patterns all over my dress.  Thanks mommy!!

Chinese Dress photo 1Chinese Dress photo 2

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I had a huge heart-stopper last month (July).  When I went for what I believed was my final fitting... I could not zip up my dress!  There was a huge 1 inch of space between the zippers.  I was mortified!  I put myself (and the FI) on a strict diet, and since then have lost 8 lbs.  I went to pick up my dress on Friday, August 13th.  I know!  Friday the 13th???  But much to my relief, the dress zipped up effortlessly!  I didn't even have to squeeze my ribs in like I did on my 1st fitting.  Yay!  I also scheduled my hair and makeup trial on the same day so I could see the complete wedding day look: gown, makeup, hair, flower, veil, necklace/earrings, and shoes.  I just bought a sparkly rhinestone bracelet from Macy*s for $14, so I will be wearing that on my right wrist.  So excited!!

Wedding Day Look photo 1Wedding Day Look photo 2


See???  The back zips all the way up!!  And look at my shoes!!  Pink and fluffy... and 4.5 inches!!!

Wedding Day Look photo 3Wedding Day Look photo 4


Mom and sister (MOH)

Wedding Day Look photo 5

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After my first MUA cancelled, I scrambled to find another - and glad I did!  The duo did an awesome job.  I love it!  On the day of I'm going to ask her to lighten my face.  It's still a little too dark, but I just L.O.V.E. the hair!!!!

Hair Makeup Trial photo 1Hair Makeup Trial photo 2

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I like the eyes on these, and just a shade darker to match my inner lip.  These are too light.

Makeup photo 1Makeup photo 2

I like the shimmer on her upper lids, but the lips are waaay too nude.  I don't like the under eyeshadow.  I have dark circles, please don't make them stand out even more :)

Makeup photo 3