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Jun 07, 2009

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( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I heart Memory Lane so much.... Thalia is a precious, precious soul that made my day possible. From day one she was like working with an old best friend. She took care of EVERYTHING. Janet, her mom, is the resident florist, and does GREAT work. She made sure I had everything I wanted. I wish we would repeat the wedding over and over, I am sad the dance is over with them. Rumor has it they have spa days... maybe I will have to hook myself up, just do I can go back there. Such a magical place.
Services used: Wedding Venue, Rehearsal Dinner

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Totally Caked Up
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
STAY FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR AWAY from this vendor!!! I wish I could give it zero stars...I had had awesome experiences with Natalie from Totally Caked Up, until 2 weeks before my wedding, when my coordinator heard some stories that Natalie does not show to weddings some times. After scoping out many sources, I saw what confirmed this allegation. My own wedding came June 7th, and when I heard Natalie was there setting up the cake, I was over joyed! Thank God! The rumors aren't true! WRONG.... When my husband and I walked into the reception to see that only 1 of the cakes had been delivered we were VERY UPSET. NO GROOM'S CAKE, and the Bridal cake was very very substandard. I am sure any student in a high school homemaking class could make the same, if not better cake, than I received. The fondant work was on patchy pieces that had been printed out, they did not reach all the way around the cake, there were puckers and visible edges everywhere! the "mini-cakes" we got were cupcake muffin tops with fondant slapped on the top, and sub-par air brushing work. Later we found out that they had "subbed out" to another bakery. Wouldn't you think the baker would notify the client of this? I talked to Natalie the Tuesday before the wedding with no mention of subbing out to another bakery. My honeymoon was spent trying to contact "Totally Caked Up" and we received a phone call from Joe. We informed him of the situation, and sent photos to him (which I have also uploaded), and have not heard back anything since to rectify the situation. We tried calling back again, and no one answered the phone! We called from a different number to reach someone named "Stacy" at a "law firm" that sounded exactly like Natalie. When we told her who we were and who we were trying to get a hold of, she hung up on us. Later we received an email stating that Totally Caked up was going bankrupt, and we would be notified of how to get money from the company..... RIGHT. I also received an email after the wedding stating that my desire to cancel my check voided my contract and they would not deliver my cake... AFTER THE WEDDING... Too bad they were paid for way before the wedding! How could I cancel a check that had been cashed months before? None of this adds up... I saw the very NASTY response from "Joe" on this review, and it just goes to prove the unprofessionalism this company stands up to. I don't understand why someone would want to ruin a couple's most perfect day, with a product that causes extreme embarrassment and shame to have to serve to guests... PLEASE SEE THE PICTURES POSTED ABOUT THIS CATASTROPHE! The proof is in the pudding, these photos don't lie...
Services used: Unique Services