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I have a photographer!!!! Carol Ryan from Carol Ryan Photography will be shooting the whole day from getting ready to our last goodbye!!!  I'm so excited!

Before the Ceremony

  • Your wardrobe - the veil, wedding gown over a chair or hanging on bedpost, the garter, shoes beneath gown, etc.
  • Bride and bridesmaids getting ready.
  • Groom and groomsmen getting ready.
  • Bride and maid of honor; bride and bridesmaids; bride and parents; etc.
  • Groom and best man; groom and groomsmen; groom and parents; etc.
  • Your mom zipping your dress, fastening your necklace, or adjusting your veil.
  • The husband-to-be tying his tie.
  • The bride or groom looking in the mirror or out the window.

The Ceremony

  • Guests arriving; bridal party arriving; you getting out of the car at the ceremony site.
  • Guests taking their seats.
  • Each member of the bridal party walking down the aisle.
  • Your father giving you away.
  • You and your fiancé at the altar.
  • Everyone at the altar.
  • The audience.
  • Vow exchange; close-up of ring exchange; kiss; and other ceremony traditions.
  • Shot of musicians.
  • The processional and the exit.
  • You and your new husband leaving the ceremony or in the car or limo.

Planned Poses

These photos can be taken before the ceremony, but are usually taken right after while guests make their way to the reception.

  • Full length shot of you.
  • You and your new husband.
  • Family photos - bride and groom with your parents, his parents, and all parents.  Poses with siblings and grandparents.
  • Bridal party photos - you and your groom with the bridesmaids, with the groomsmen, with the flower girl and ring bearer.

 Must Take Reception Photos

  • Inside and outside the venue; table arrangements, decorations, food displays, gift table, centerpieces, etc.
  • The receiving line.
  • Head table; parents table.
  • Toasts.
  • Special dances.
  • Shots of the DJ or band.
  • Guests on the dance floor.
  • The cake and the cake cutting.
  • The bouquet toss and the lucky girl catching it.
  • The garter toss.
  • The getaway car and the departure.
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**********DECIDED********** BOUGHT: 22 SEPTEMBER 09!

The Girls photo 1   The Girls photo 2



The Girls photo 3The Girls photo 4

The Girls photo 5The Girls photo 6

And most likely with this shrug

The Girls photo 7

I got the shoes today (23-09/09)

The Girls photo 8

And they match perfectly with the blue in the dress

The Girls photo 9

(sorry or the crappy phone pics)


FIs niece is 6 months older than DS so she'll be our flowergirl. 

I found this dress in Dublin and I think it works so well!

The Girls photo 10 

FI said we could get a Sharpie and colour in a few of the flowers to match the bridesmaids dresses lol.  I'll maybe put a blue sash around get waist (with the obligatory bow!) and I'll get her a real coat instead of the shawl because we're getting married in February and she'll just be a month shy of 2 years.

Uh oh!!  Just found this dress from

The Girls photo 11

The Girls photo 12The Girls photo 13

I was thinking a tutu maybe...

The Girls photo 14

lcullen made beautiful gifts for her bridesmaids.

I'm also thinking of giving my girls these soft flat shoes that roll up into a little bag.

The Girls photo 15

I'm also going to make them up a little Wedding Day survival kit and put it in a canvas tote with this love-hate logo on it (only a little more embellished and fancy...)

The Girls photo 16

Great article for bridesmaids gifts under $20!

The Girls photo 17 The Girls photo 18


1 bottle of water
2 snack packs

total = $1.50
reasoning: made sure they have something to eat before the wedding

The Girls photo 19


gel foot pads
oil blotting tissues
lip balm

total = $6.50
reasoning: heels are not comfortable, lip balm and oil blotting are for touch ups, tissues in case they cry, and gum for those impressionable moments

The Girls photo 20


make up remover
nail polish remover
hand lotion
foot lotion
travel slippers
bar of daisy soap

total = $6
reasoning: at the end of the night after getting sweaty from all the dancing, you just want to clean up and feel good before getting into bed.

The Girls photo 21


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Here's a link to MissQnomore's timeline.

Nanaboop sent me her fantastic timeline which is just sooooo cute! 

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Chicken with Wild Mushroom, Chives and Tarragon in a puff pastry Case drizzled in a Creamy Chardonnay Sauce


Leek and Potato Soup


Slow Roasted Sirloin of Irish Beef with Potato Fondant, Yorkshire Pudding served with Shallot and Red Wine Gravy


Profiteroles filled with Crème Chantilly smothered in a Valrhona Chocolate Sauce and topped with Fresh Mint Leaf


I really like the menu idea below

Reception photo 1

With the "menu" part like the pic below!

Reception photo 2

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The hotel provides petit fours as part of the package.

Since our wedding is in cold old February, we might be giving hot chocolate as favors!!  Wahoo I was so chuffed when FI thought it was a great idea!!

Great thing is they're very easy to make too!!

DIY Favors photo 1

 ***********other ideas************

I really really really want to do Kristinkay's favors!!

DIY Favors photo 2DIY Favors photo 3

WOOHOO!!  My wonderfully amazing Chief Bridesmaid can get me mini donuts!!!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

DIY Favors photo 4 

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My mom very generously offered to let us use the Waterford Crystal glasses that her father passed down to her and that will one day become mine for our toasting goblets.  Initially I said I would love to use them because I was crazy about my grandad and it would have been like I had a little piece of him with my on our wedding day but the more I think about it, them more scared I am that something will happen and those special glasses will get chipped, cracked or smashed.  There's NO WAY I would be able to live with that!!! So instead myself and FI spotted some cute glasses in a local hardware store for €2 which we'll use instead.

DIY Goblets photo 1

I'm thinking of doing something like this charm idea (don't know where I got it) around the middle.

DIY Goblets photo 2

Or maybe something along these lines

DIY Goblets photo 3

Naturally, since we've bought these glasses, I've rethought the whole thing!!  Now I'm thinking that because FI and I don't like champagne or wines, maybe I'll get him a pint glass engraved with the date and our names instead...

I ended up asking our friend to engrave the glasses we had already bought with "Happily Ever After..."