Feb 10, 2010

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I got these keyrings for my bridesmaids and me.  They'll go on the bouquets and then can be kept after.Flowers photo 1

I got them in The Art and Hobby shop in the bargain bin, and then one of FIs friends engraved them fo me. They are initialed on the front (BM-C, BM-R and me-S) and have the date (in Ireland it's dd-mm-yyyy) on the back.  I had to create a shadow to make it show up on the picture.

Flowers photo 2

**********other ideas**********

I love this bouquet, it's just so simple and cute.

Flowers photo 3 

I found out recently (thanks to you PW lovelies) that they're blue hydrangeas and stephanotis.  Maybe the same bouquet only reversed could be used for my bridesmaids?

I have found another bouquet I like, it's quite similar but different- delphiniums and white roses:

Flowers photo 4  I like this bouquet the most.

Briedsmaids would have white roses only.

Types of blue flowers include:

* Delphinium
* Monkshood
* Hydrangea
* Statice
* Veronica
* Morning Glory
* Lobelia
* Sweet Pea
* Lupine
* Juniper
* Berries
* Phlox
* Hibiscus
* Tulips
* Columbine
* Flax
* Plumbago
* Bayberry
* Butterfly Bush
* Bachelor Button

Don't know what this flower is but isn't it FAB???? 

Flowers photo 5

Just found out thanks to LindElis that they're Blue Orchids Dendrobiums!!!

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This again is from Budoh's biography (this girl's a genius!!!!).  It's an article about including everyone (MOB, FOB, MOG, FOG and some siblings) in the dancing.

I'm an only child but FI has 3 brothers and 2 sisters so I might be able to ask them to join us.

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I'd love a photobooth for our weddig but the budget is quite tight so I know FI wouldn't go for it.  However, I found this Homemade Photo Booth on Budoh's biography.

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Will post a picture the box my engagement ring came in when I find it -it is either still packed away from when we moved, or it was stolen when some creep broke in :-(


The new one!

The Rings photo 1

The original..

The Rings photo 2The Rings photo 3The Rings photo 4The Rings photo 5


FIs ring is Tungsten and Gunmetal

8mm Black Tungsten Carbide Ring with Brushed Gunmetal Finished Stripe (Sizes 8-13)

Mine should looks something like this.. It's white gold with 3 round diamondsThe Rings photo 6


The Rings photo 7


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I think this DIY keepsake box from its.nicsknack's bio is a fantastic idea.  There's loads of stuff lying around here that I'd love to keep memories of!

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This article on creating a monogram in MS Word is just what I need... DIY Wedding Challenge: How To Design Your Own Monogram In Microsoft Word article photo Monogram

will try it out when I'm a little more awake!

Ovt22 has a lovely monogram in a style that I would love to copy AND she's getting married on DSs 1st birthday!  Is it a sign...?

DIY Monogram photo 1