Feb 10, 2010

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Here's a list of girls that have some amazing diy stuff, other ideas and tutorials on their bios.  They are my inspiration!!

You HAVE to check out ShellS's amazing bio!!







jesandshan who recommended these links to some more DIY ideas


ladyhannah had a beautiful and very personalised wedding


its.nicsknack has some FANTASTIC DIY instructions on her bio!


budoh is a genius!!!


txbride08's stunning bio



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Very proud of these!!!  I'm gonna put a little rhinestone in between the hearts on the cover to echo the way the invitations were :)

DIY Ceremony Program photo 1

DIY Ceremony Program photo 2DIY Ceremony Program photo 3DIY Ceremony Program photo 4DIY Ceremony Program photo 5DIY Ceremony Program photo 6DIY Ceremony Program photo 7DIY Ceremony Program photo 8DIY Ceremony Program photo 9DIY Ceremony Program photo 10DIY Ceremony Program photo 11DIY Ceremony Program photo 12DIY Ceremony Program photo 13DIY Ceremony Program photo 14DIY Ceremony Program photo 15

They even got the thumbs-up from FI!!!!

DIY Ceremony Program photo 16

**********other ideas**********

I'm really looking forward to making these and I don't know why!!! It seems to be the thing that I have to most pictures and ideas saved for!!!

But today I found this guide to creating your own programs.

Will post some pics of my ideas later.

I want to put tissue packets on the program too and I've just found an article which says "Tears of joy, tears of laughter, tears of happily ever after".  I think that's the phrase I'll use but change it to "Tears of Joy, tears of laughter and dreams for a happily ever after".

Jess145 has the most wonderful program EVER!!!!  Will have to set up a link!

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This contains a link that was posted by Lorienne who found it on REALLY need to make these!

Got 2 baskets!!!  I'm almost started now!

DIY Emergency Kit and Bathroom Basket photo 1  <<VERY exciting, aren't they??

It's a sad day... one basket decided it could not go on any longer in this cruel, cruel world...  ...well, either that or DS tried to eat it...

Yeah, I ditched this idea...

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I've made these

DIY Guestbook photo 1DIY Guestbook photo 2

And I have the colouring pencils bought... guestbook is pretty much done!!


I really like the guestbook advice on MissQnomore's bio absolutely fantastic!!!  I'll definitely be doing one of her ideas!

I think I might get a polaroid camera so we could do this idea by married2mrwright.

I fopund this poem on Yahoo Answers which I will place with the Guestbook

These cards are for our wedding book
a modern twist on the standard look

Take one to the table and fill it out
Giving good wishes is what it's about

But weddings are more than rings and tossed rice
So please feel free to give us advice

Then when our wedding day has passed
We will have great memories that will last

For when we look at them we'll see
Kind words from friends and family

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The hotel have said that they will provide a small white floral centerpiece with a candle in the middle because I didn't like the one they usually use but having looked around and thought about it, I'm going to make candles with the table number and menu for each table.  The tables will be much simpler just the way I like it!!

Here's my inspiration:

DIY Centerpieces photo 1DIY Centerpieces photo 2

A mixture of these two but I'm thinking of puting them straight on to the candle, instead of using a votive.


There's a tutorial to make the lanterns below at this link.

DIY Centerpieces photo 3DIY Centerpieces photo 4

I found some lovely printed vellum paper in a craft store which I might use to make menu and "kisses" parts and then put some LEDs in the middle so they light up!

DIY Wedding Challenge: Guestbook Table Numbers article photo Wiki

DIY guestbook table numbers/centerpieces.  There's a brilliant article on these here.

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I'm going to make a mixture of the candles below

DIY Unity Candles photo 1 I like the ribbons on these

DIY Unity Candles photo 2 With this poem

DIY Unity Candles photo 3 And our names and the date on the back.

Although, instead of the names on the back I might get a friend of Toms to engrave our names and the date onto a little silver megal and put that on the ribbon.. (just as a little nod to his proposal where he had our names and the date engraved on the ring box).

DIY Unity Candles photo 4 Like this.

I know, I know.. It's not a DIY but I'm considering this candle.  I think it's really cute and it'd be nice to be able to relight it on our anniversaries :)

DIY Unity Candles photo 5