Feb 10, 2010

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DIY Memorial Candles photo 1DIY Memorial Candles photo 2

They'er quite similar but I'm leaning towards the one on the right.

I this this little statement is a beautiful acknowledgement of those who will be in our hearts but unfortunately not at our wedding.  I think I will use it.

In Loving Memory

Today, candles are lit to remember those who left us too soon, but not before gracing us with special memories only they could create. They have helped shape our character, mold our spirits and touch our hearts. We know that they are with us in thought and in spirit today and always. We love them and miss them very much.

I found it on this guide to making memorial candles.

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**********DECIDED**********  ORDERED: 23 SEPTEMBER 09!

Sophia Tolli - Gabriella (Y2711)

6 January 2010 - SHE'S HERE!!!!!!

The Bride New Dress photo 1     pinkimsoinlovewithu.gif image by digitalicing

The Bride New Dress photo 2The Bride New Dress photo 3

The Bride New Dress photo 4 MrsWagner2b edited the pic for me so now it's white!! -Thanks!


I've found pictures of it in white!!!!!!

The Front

The Bride New Dress photo 5

The Back

The Bride New Dress photo 6

The Top

The Bride New Dress photo 7

The Bottom

The Bride New Dress photo 8

The top and bottom lacy parts glitter and sparkle like mad.  It's what drew me to the dress in the first place!

Weddingpictures1320.jpg image by Vanilla1984 The Bride New Dress photo 9 The Bride New Dress photo 10

Isn't she beautiful?


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This is THE look

Hair and Make Up photo 1Hair and Make Up photo 2

Hair and Make Up photo 3Hair and Make Up photo 4

*********other ideas**********

Hair and Make Up photo 5Hair and Make Up photo 6

I want something simple enough with some curls so I'm not freaking about my hair all day!!

Flavors of the month:

Hair and Make Up photo 7

Hair and Make Up photo 8

I really fell for this the second I saw it.  It's Jessica Simpson's wedding 'do.

Hair and Make Up photo 9Hair and Make Up photo 10Hair and Make Up photo 11

But I don't want a veil.  Instead I'd LOVE a tiara.  I've wanted one since I was a kid!!!!   ....FI has told me that he likes veils so I'm going to wear one.  But just for the ceremony!!

Although I've just seen this

Hair and Make Up photo 12Hair and Make Up photo 13 on SweetPeaBride's biography


Hair and Make Up photo 14Hair and Make Up photo 15Hair and Make Up photo 16Hair and Make Up photo 17




Hair and Make Up photo 18

**********other ideas**********

I love the dark eyes look so I might go for something like this:

Hair and Make Up photo 19Hair and Make Up photo 20

Hair and Make Up photo 21 Hair and Make Up photo 22

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The boys are a nice simple task!!


The Boys photo 1

The groomsmen will wear a royal blue cravat tie.


Our son will be 1year and 5months when we get married so hopefully he'll be our pageboy/ringbearer!!  Not quite sure yet if he'll be up to the job but we want him involved some way.

Hopefully I can find something similar to the lads.  Will post a pic if I find it! 


The groomsmen will be wearing blue TIES and FI and DS will be wearing matching silver ties made by meandmatilda on Etsy

They will be silver faux silk

The Boys photo 2


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I have tons of DIY ideas from thrawling the PW bios!! The invitations nvitations and cupcake flag ideas are above, aaaaaaaand..........


I adore these lanterns!!! Especially the "kisses" bit!! Just discovered they're DIYs by abattyref!

DIY photo 1DIY photo 2

Brilliant calligraphy cheat here if you're not into paying the big bucks- like me!

I'll certainly be using these Wedding Activity Book ideas for the Smallies at our wedding.

Will take ideas from this for my programme.DIY photo 3

I think I'll make these tea light lanterns DIY: Tea Light Lanterns article photo

There are some great ideas on this guide

AnnaB83 has brilliant DIY instructions.  I love her Kids Activity Book.

Jana_fromAustria has beautiful Tears of Joy packet and template.  It's available here.

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Invitations photo 1

^^ Stoopid bow didn't like being squished for scanning!

Invitations photo 2

Invitations photo 3

^^ rushed the printing of this one cause I was heading home to scan.  The proper ones aren't crooked!!

Invitations photo 4



We bought these diy Laura Ashley invitations from

Invitations photo 5

and I LOVE them.  Only problem I can forsee is getting the bow right.  Any hints would be appreciated!  I'm thinking of adding pages to them like a map, from Church to Hotel, and accomodation details.

Below is an attempt at our invitation.  Unfortunately I'm an idiot and put the wrong date on it but you get the idea!

Invitations photo 6


Invitations photo 7

**********other ideas**********

This article shows how to make maps!

I love this map-

 Invitations photo 8  it belongs to Sumth1ngme!

I'm going to do a mixture of these RSVP cards:

Invitations photo 9


Invitations photo 10

not sure how lol! 

Invitations photo 11

Although I wish I had seen this on GoingtobeGoff's bio (she's got some amazing DIY instructions!) before I got my invites!! 

Invitations photo 12

FI is going to kill me.... Why oh why did I have to rush out and buy the first ones I liked?!?!?!?