Feb 10, 2010

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Cake photo 1

But with silver ribbon to match our theme.  I don't want flowers on it either :)

This topper would be perfect. Just like me and FI!!

Cake photo 2

 I think it might be THE ONE.

We're going to visit the lady who iced Williams Christening cake to see if she can do the icing on the above cake.  If so, my mom will make the cakes- 12/10/8/6" Lemon Madeira.

***********other ideas************

Cake photo 3

REALLY like this one:

 Cake photo 4

With blue and silver instead of the black and silver.

Cake photo 5

I don't like cake, but I've fallen in love with quite a few in my wedding cake searches!

Cake photo 6

I'd love a cupcake tower with the cupcake on the top left (with silver balls and a blue flower), the cake on the top left for cutting or maybe instead of the flowers, have the stars cascading down from the top of the cake as in the bottom right pic.

And I love the little cupcake flag ideas that I've seen on some PW bios:

Cake photo 7

But there's always the possibility of this:

Cake photo 8 I just think it's hilarious!!

ACTUALLY!!!  Looking at this cake gave me an idea!!!! You know the cake toppers with the bride dragging the groom??  Well, FI thinks they're gas.... maybe we could have a topsy turvy cake with that topper?  Then he'd have his topper (that I'm not too keen on tbh) and I'd have it look like I'm saving him!  Completely turn it around on him lol!!


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Once again, just let me know if I've used your picture and I'll give you credit!

We've chosen the colours Royal Blue, Silver and White with touches of Black as our theme. 

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