Oct 31, 2009

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Brides maids and flower girls


dresses photo 1dresses photo 2

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Things I have made so far for my day : )

My garters - hubby to be is a Vikings fan (hence the purplr & yellow)

My DIY photo 1

Flowergirls accssessories

My DIY photo 2My DIY photo 3My DIY photo 4

My hair piece

My DIY photo 5



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These are the pomanders that i made for the flowergirls. Im pretty proud of myself it I do say do :)


The materials:

Pomanders photo 1

The start:

Pomanders photo 2

Half way point:

Pomanders photo 3

Finished product:

Pomanders photo 4

This one is about the size of a softball as one of my flowergirls is really tiny. The other two are larger but made the same way.

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The dress I ultimatly picked was sooo far from anything I have eve wanted but when I met my husband to be I knew I wanted a simple, short, sweet ceremony at a fiends home. That being said I opted for a more flowy, nature inspired dress. (excuse the bad pictures lol)


The magazine pic of dress:                                            Me in the dress:

My dress photo 1                   My dress photo 2


The back:

My dress photo 3

Can't decide what to do with my hair exactly as i just cut it all off LOL. Veil? No Veil? Flowers?




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Well I thought we would have a small family affair eliminating most of the wedding stress one usually encounters BUT I was wrong. There are sooo many details that go into planning a wedding even a small one. However I lucked into having a loving, supportive groom who has chosen to be involved in the planning soo that's helping my blood pressure level. That being said we decided on a cake this morning!! Red velvet, cream cheese icing. The brown, green, tan "twigs" design is all icing. Can't wait to see it in person ;-)

Cake photo 1Cake photo 2

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It will be at a family home and when I saw this picture in the galleries I knew this was what i wanted. The wedding is on Halloween so fingers crossed the tree is still lush but if not then it will at least hav epretty fall leaves on it :)

Where the cremony will take place photo 1